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The Need to Feed: Zombie Food & Drink

You find yourself in the middle of a zombie invasion, your dog has turned into a mutated and dribbling bag of flesh, and those who you loved have wandered away in search of lunch. You’ve hauled your behind to a safe location, but you need supplies! Stock up on the following to ensure safe passage through the apocalypse – please use with caution.

The Antidote Energy Drink – Boston America

The drink that the Umbrella Corporation (Resident Evil) doesn’t want you to know about. Packed in cans, this antidote will make sure the zombies stay off your back! These are packed into crates of 24, so there’s most certainly enough to go around. It’s also good to know that this drink is officially licensed by Capcom.

The Snacking Dead – Firebox

This cookbook will blow your mind, packed with 50 delicious apocalyptic recipes for you and your survivor buddies to feast on. Each recipe comes with an easy to follow step-by-step prep guide – it’s time those zombie parts came in handy!

The Walking Dead Blood Orange IPA – Terrapin Beer

Defeating hordes of the undead can make any man thirsty, so why not sit down and take a sip of this Indian pale ale made with orange peel, and a horrific amount of hops. It has even been officially licensed by Skybound.

The Zombie Killer – B. Nektar

A drink sure to make you boss around the town of the undead. The Zombie Killer contains apple and cherry with – delicious! As the makers say themselves, “Serve cold… zombies hate the cold!”


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