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(Trailer) Red Christmas

Even in the warmth of May, festive horror flicks are always appreciated especially when in the form of Craig Anderson’s directorial debut Red Christmas. This freakish, festive flick is set to hit the film festival circuit this June, and we have the official teaser trailer to get you guys amped.

The film stars Dee Wallace, Geoff Morrell, and Sarah Bishop.

Synopsis: Matriarch Diane has invited her children to celebrate one last Christmas in their family home. Amid celebrations and domestic drama, they receive a visit from a mysterious stranger. Disfigured and cloaked, they feel sorry for him until they discover his extreme religious motives and anti-abortion message. Diane orders him to leave, unaware he is her son. Twenty years ago she had an abortion, and on that day a religious zealot bombed the clinic. Her still-living fetus was taken and raised by the bomber. After being rejected by his mother once again when all he wanted was love, he seeks vengeance and kills the family who cast him out.