‘The Walking Dead’ – The Well (7.2) Recap

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Here is the recap on the latest from AMC’s The Walking Dead – Episode 2: The Well. This piece is an overall recap of the episodes events, therefore, it will contain spoilers. Please be aware of this before continuing to read on.


Atop a cart, Carol is still wounded from her run in with the Saviour in the season 6 finale. In and out of consciousness, Carol wakes to find Morgan and their new friends fighting away walkers. In a delirious state, she stands and begins to walk over to a building in the distance. With walkers closing in on her, her new friends now mounted on horseback, free her from the circling walkers.

Now recuperating in a bed, Morgan watches over Carol like a hawk to ensure she doesn’t try to run away again. She wakes and asks how long she’s been asleep for, 2 days apparently. Morgan wheels Carol outside to show her their new resting place. The Kingdom is shown to us in all its glory. Carol questions how much ‘these people’ know and asks about the leader of this place, who just happens to call himself Kind Ezekiel. We get our first glimpse of Shiva roaring as the pair enter the room, thus ushering in the new set of characters that we were all dying to meet.

Speaking as though he is Shakespeare, Ezekiel tries to calm Shiva to Carol’s presence. Formally introducing himself, Carol stays silent – more than likely in disbelief of this very exuberant character. With Carol looking like she’s losing her mind over what she’s seeing, as would we all with a huge Tiger sat before you. As skeptical as Carol is, it’s clear to see that her reactions are a charade she is playing to keep the leader happy.

Refusing a pomegranate, she requests only more rest and a hair brush and thanks his majesty before Morgan rolls her out of the room. “You’re shitting me, right?” She exclaims as soon as they’re out of earshot. She explains how she will be leaving as soon as she is fit enough to, despite Morgan’s protests.

Invited out on a hunting trip, the kingdoms knights force the feral pigs into a room with a walker to make sure they are fully fed before they are brought back into the kingdom. After Morgan questions why the pigs are eating the dead, he is harshly reminded that nobody at the homestead needs to know about the pigs last meal. A walker lunges at one of the knights and Morgan beats it down with his trusty stick before getting back into the truck next to Ezekiel.


Asking Morgan to train Benjamin, the knight who failed to kill a walker, Ezekiel expresses his approval of the impressive skills Morgan has gained. With a soft please, Morgan agrees to train the young knight in combat. Choir vocals come through the window as Carol watches Morgan train the knight on the bandstand. Rolling herself out into the centre of town, she tries to play the townsfolk and distract them whilst she takes supplies for herself. Carol is clearly planning a quick dash after a refuel.

Ezekiel approaches the training pair to invite them out to help slaughter the pigs far from the Kingdom, to make sure the screams don’t carry on the wind. The kingdom group is approached by another band of guys who look to be of the unfriendly kind. However, Morgan knows who they are – they’re Saviours. Richard, one of the knights, attacks one of the opposing group which leaves them both with bloody lips before a truce is called. They agree to meet the same time next week and threaten that Richard will go first – and we all know what that means.

Talking to Ben over dinner, he fills Morgan in on how his father died after going out on a mission and being overrun by the ‘wasted’. He mentions that the king is keeping quiet about the deal with the Saviours as he thinks it will cause a rebellion and an all-out war. Leaving to fin Carol, Morgan finds her bed empty as well as her wheelchair. She’s left him there to go out on her own. We then switch to Carol who is trying to sneak out of the kingdom with supplies. She is caught by Ezekiel as she tries to pick fruit from the trees, who makes sure she knows you should never “bullshit a bullshitter” as he points out he fell for her sweet and innocent act.


Claiming he is selling people on fairy tales, Carol disagrees with his views on how she won against the saviour. He admits that his act is to help keep the community feeling safe, which in turn makes them less dangerous. He says that they came up with all the myths on how he and Shiva came to be a bonded pairing, making him godlier than he is. He tells us of his backstory of being a zookeeper when he came across Shiva hurt and dying. He saved her life and from then on she has treated his like a friend. When the outbreak began, Shiva protected him and made him larger than life whilst he began work on the Kingdom.

Asking her to keep all his recently spilled secrets quiet from the rest of the community, Carol implies that she doesn’t care and just wants to go away as Ezekiel tries to stop her. Explaining that life is not all bad, because with life comes hope, heroism, grace and love, he encourages her to embrace the contradiction and let him help her. He gives her the options of going or not going, hoping she chooses the latter. Morning comes and she and Morgan are atop horses as they approach an abandoned house on the outside of the kingdom.

Morgan tells her she is his favourite person he ever knocked out, in the top two or three as she departs, leaving him with the horses. Through the gates, she walks up to the porch of her new abode and clears it of any walkers which may reside inside. Stoking a fire in her new home, she hears a knock at the door which she opens to find Ezekiel and Shiva stood there with fruit in hand, a house warming gift from the King.