‘The Walking Dead’: The Same Boat (6.13) recap

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The Walking Dead season 6 continues with the episode The Same Boat. If you are not caught up with the series I strongly suggest you don’t carry on reading as the following this will contain heavy spoilers.

Last week we were left in the wake of the capturing of Maggie and Carol by the Saviors whilst the rest of the gang slaughtered dozens inside their base. This begs us to question – how many saviors are there exactly? We at least know there is an unnamed woman whom we hear threatening Rick – with a high possibility of more people to be able to over power our two strong ladies. This week we start off with Carol and Maggie going to the rescue of the guys with sirens blaring in the background. Carol insists Maggie stays put due to her pregnant nature when an unknown male runs up behind and pulls his gun. In slow motion, Carol shoots him down just in time to save Maggie and her unborn child. Maggie stands over the now suffering man, aimed and ready to blow his brains out when a female voice tells her to stop ‘or shes dead’ – meaning Carol who now has a gun pointed at her head. Two more women appear out of nowhere – claiming Maggie is a ‘murderous bitch’ as the pair surrender their weapons as they realise they’re surrounded.

Cut to a flashback of the gang taking down the mysterious rider on Daryl’s bike who we now know to be called Primo. We see it all take place through binoculars of the mysterious woman on the other end of the radio who was first introduced at the end of last week – showing the slight overlap of events. I like it when TWD does this as it makes it more interesting to see different sides of the fight, and also give you an insight into the ‘villains’ of the world. The unknown baddie group take down how many people there are in Ricks entourage – noting 8 is too many to take out. This is then followed by releasing the names of their captive to the gang – Carol and Maggie of course. In the unknown Savior group there are three women and one man. The lead woman with red hair, who we find out to be called Paula, seems to be partnered with the guy. There is then a younger brunette woman and and an older lady – making me wonder how exactly these people overpowered anyone.

Rick reminds them how they have one of theirs, Primo, and that they’ll trade him off for the girls as long as he can talk to them to make sure they’re OK. After a very quick acknowledgement from the pair – Rick lays down the deal for trading. 2 girls for Primo and their lives. Paula is less than impressed about the unbalanced trade but the man notes how he needs Primo to fix him up after what Carol did – making us think that Primo is possibly a valuable doctor of some kind. The trade is halted by the Savior group and Maggie and Carol are hooded with their jackets.

With only their feet in view, Carol and Maggie are fog marched forward to an unknown vehicle. Tape is wrapped around their wrists as we hear Paula make a radio announcement: Omega omega, Saviors down, go to Gamma Code Fire. She then notes they have to follow protocol which makes us wonder if the Saviors are far more organised than we first thought. They’re heading to the ‘break point’ where they seem to be meeting up with others, a safe-house. Maggie’s hood is removed in time for a walker to get up close and personal with her before a knife stops it in it’s tracks. We also see they have been gagged as well as bound as they are ordered to sit on the ground and have their ankles taped together.

Throughout this entire thing, Maggie has shown to be the more defiant and hard faced one and Carol the more sheepish – a sharp turn to what they are usually like. Is this a ploy the girls have come up with? We all know Carol is ruthless so it keeps us on our toes waiting for her to snap into her vicious mode. Carol grips the prayer beads that fell off the walker and we wonder if she praying for survival or saving them to garrote someone later, I’m hoping the latter. Carol seems to start having a panic attack, worrying Maggie who tries to shout her name through the cloth gag. Is this another ruse? If she is faking it then Carol deserves an Oscar, never mind DiCaprio. After having her gag removed one of my favouirte lines comes from the elderly lady telling Carol to take some yoga breaths and calm yourself down.

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The brunette notes how she doesn’t understand how someone like Carol has made it so far. Ah, little do they know that under that sweet housewife exterior holds a deep dark ruthless killer. She pulls out the recently concealed prayer beads which makes them believe she’s a religious survivor or ‘one of those‘ as shes nicknamed by the older lady. I knew they would come in handy, Carol is using them as a ploy to try and down play herself as a frail little bird who hyperventilates when under stress – something we all know to be untrue. Maggie seems to catch on as Carol grabs the attention of Paula who asks what shes so afraid of. Carol reveals Maggie’s condition showing that shes not scared for herself but for Maggie and her child. Comparing babies to bite sized snacks for the dead, Paula seems to start to resent Maggie more in spite of her condition, claiming she’s stupid to get knocked up at a time like this and that the only thing shes choosing is death. Sparking up a cigarette, the older lady chooses to stand next to Maggie noting how they have bigger issues than second hand smoke. The brunette seems to disagree and stares her down until she puts it out of the floor. Carol points out how smoking them will kill her when we find out that they already are as she shows us her bloodied handkerchief and noting how they’re in the same boat – both doomed to die.

Paula announces the scout crew will be here in 30 minutes to the injured man. Maggie decides to enlighten them that he doesn’t have 30 minutes, he could lose his arm and more importantly his life thus urging them to talk to Rick to gain the help of Primo. He stands walking over to Carol threatening to kill her for what she’s done to him. Paula stands in his way making him get angry and smacks her away – leering over to Carol when Maggie kicks his legs from under him. Pulling her up by her hair, the man swears at Maggie just in time for her to headbutt him. Carol grabs his leg which only antagonizes him more as he kicks her in the back. The fight comes to an end when Paula pistol whips him upside the head to stop him from prematurely killing their captives.

Maggie is pulled into an interrogation by the brunette who points out how good her life must be to have nice clothes and time to make babies – noting how they must be holed up somewhere good. She tells Maggie that she and the rest of Ricks group are not the good guys, that they are in fact the problem. Are they? Are Ricks group stepping into unknown bad guy territory which we can’t ever uncross? Carol is being patronized in the next room by Paula who states she knows what kind of person Carol is. She’s pathetic and she may see her long dead daughter Sophia again real soon. Well that was below the belt.

Back with Maggie and she notices how the brunette is missing half of her pinky finger, which we discover was a result of her stealing something and getting caught. We find out the brunette was once pregnant by the since blown up boyfriend (flashback to Daryl and the rocket launcher, remember that?) and she was going to name it after her father, Frankie. Tension builds and the music intensifies as Maggie stands off against the  brunette telling her she’s not going to die today. The scene ends with the brunette putting her hand on her pistol. Rick comes in over the radio urging the Saviors to trade. Paula doesn’t agree and points out they’ll be taking a bigger risk without a decent reward in return.

The conversation ends and Carol opens up about how the Saviors attacked Daryl, Sasha and Abe on the road and tried to take all our possessions. This just so happened to be the same group Daryl blew up and it also contained the boyfriend of the brunette next door. Damn it Carol, you may have royally fucked yourself over here. Negan’s name comes up and Paula questions Carol what she thinks she knows about him. Saying he sounded like a maniac who needed to be stopped, Carol then gets told that they are ALL Negan by the older lady which leadd to a very confused Carol.  So is Negan a collective unlike the comic story-line? Or is it one person and they are just trying to throw off the scent? Something I’m sure we’ll get an answer to by the season finale. Carol asks for a smoke whilst Paula continues to berate her about how weak she is, noting how she can’t even stick to her own principles. We learn Paula was a secretary before the outbreak letting us in on a story about a carrot, an egg and some coffee. She was stuck wither her boss when the army came in and her husband and four children were left without her.

The music begins to build again as Carols seems to threaten Paula, noting how she hopes not to have to kill her. Paula radios into Rick and decides they want to make the trade and sets up the place they want to meet. Its a set-up and she points out how there was no static on the radio and that there should have been unless they have managed to follow them here. Paula decides they are lying in wait to kill them all and that the savior group will kill Rick’s group as soon as they are visable. Carol defends Rick and his word as she is left alone in the room whilst the others clear out the walkers. Carol shaves off her tape around her wrists and sneaks out of the room to find the elderly lady killing off the walkers in her path. She finds and unties Maggie, quickly embracing before deciding what their plan of action is. Maggie demands they cannot leave their captors alive whilst Carol begs against the murder until she finally accepts that they must finish it once and for all.

Maggie unties the tourniquet from around the mans arm, leaving him to bleed to death and turn so she can use him against the others. As the older lady enters the room they kept Carol in, she is attacked by the zombified man and bitten. She manages to stab him in the head and calls out to the girls. Maggie appears from behind and bludgeons her with her own gun. Paula returns to the scene of the crime as the pair disappear determined to chase them down. Paula catches up and takes shots all which miss the pair. Carol aims her gun at Paula with Maggie telling her to shoot. Carol, reluctant to pull the trigger, tells Paula to run. Goading Carol into shooting her, Paula slowly approaches the girls. A walker frees itself and Carol shoots and misses.

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We hear shouting coming from the brunette girl as Maggie rounds the corner and attacks her. In the attack, the girl slashes at Maggie’s stomach knowing the harm it would do making a now enraged Carol shoot her in the head. Paula rises wounded and carries on to antagonize Carol who is less reluctant to kill her after the recent events. On approach, Paula attacks her starting a brawl which ends in Carol impaling Paula on a bar left for the walkers to dine on. The next scene we find out the significance of the number 18 from the last episode – as predicted it is in fact how many people Carol has killed since the outbreak began – which has now shot up to 20 and counting.

The scout team arrives and the pair have a plan to trap them. Lighting a cigarette, Maggie slides the door behind the group as Carol flicks in the lit cig, igniting the gasoline which they placed there in preparation. The group burn as the girls vacate the building as soon as possible, fighting through the smoke and past the recently dead into the open air where they are greeted by Glenn and Daryl. The pair reveal that they aren’t OK and that they can’t do it anymore. We breath a sigh of relief as the girls find their way into safety’s arms as Rick approaches Primo whose friends are all now dead. He asks about Negan and Primo claims that he is in fact Negan which prompts Rick to execute him, a move which has an lasting effect on Carol.

I liked this episode a lot because despite not being in many areas, we got to see deeper into the Saviors and what they think about Ricks group, we also find out more about the personality’s of our already beloved characters Maggie and Carol. We see the decent into a catatonic state Carol is starting to have, we see her struggling with not becoming like Paula a murderer who kills with no remorse. We know Carol isn’t like that but is she becoming that way? Only time will tell. As for Maggie, we see how strong she has become and how determined she is to have a normal life surrounded by all the madness. As for what we find out about the big bad Negan, we know that despite his execution Primo was not him as his group didn’t initiate a trade. We also have a snippet of what may be a clue or just a red herring when Carol is told “we are all Negan,” meaning it is a collective. Whether this is true and will differ from the comics is yet to be determined but I’m certain the season finale will have all the answers.