‘The Walking Dead’ – Service (7.4) Recap

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Here is the recap on the latest from AMC’s The Walking Dead – Episode 4: Service. This piece is an overall recap of the episodes events, therefore, it will contain spoilers. Please be aware of this before continuing to read on.

He’s Here

Waking up beside Rick, Michonne ventures out into the quiet house and retrieves a gun that once hung above the mantle. Shutting the door behind her, she walks away beyond the walls of Alexandria as Rick watches on. Village life seems to be getting back into a routine that is focused on collecting supplies or the Saviors. Rosita pulls up in a car to ask Eugene to let her out the gate so she can go scavenge when we hear engines pull up on the other side with the silhouette of Negan and Lucille growing closer.

Rick approaches the gate where Negan awaits entrance as he flashes around his bat with growing impatience. Noting how his early, Negan implies it’s because he missed them all. Daryl is in the crowd of Saviors waiting for this week’s collection, still wearing his beige jumpsuit emblazoned with the ‘A’. His eyes red and raw, Rick lets the group into Alexandria. Rick approaches Daryl which Negan replies with a stern ‘No’. Regarding Daryl as the help, he assures that no one is to speak with him if he’s Negan’s property. The Saviours dispatch into the colony to retrieve supplies from the houses, whatever takes their fancy by the sounds of it, whilst Negan insists on a tour led by their leader.

Dwight approaches Rosita and takes her weapon for himself, as well as clearing the car they were using. He offers her a job which was to retrieve Daryl’s bike for him as he snatches the hat from her head. She pushes her way into the car to go on his errand as he pours out her canteen, making sure the journey is as dangerous and arduous as possible. Taking everything but the kitchen sink, the Saviors start ripping the houses apart as they find the camcorder which was used when they arrived at Alexandria.

Half of Everything

Negan asks after Maggie and suggesting he would like to abuse not only her physically but sexually, it’s then implied that Maggie didn’t make it (which I don’t believe – she’s clearly at Hilltop) and Negan gushes about how he would have loved to take her back with him. A shot sounds off and Negan’s face changes, we see Carl pointing a gun at one of the Saviors. Negan arrives and Carl threatens him to leave or find out how dangerous they are. Backing down from Negan, he hands the gun over to his Dad as Negan confronts him on how many guns they have in the colony, and claims them all for himself.

The garage door to the armory is opened for the Saviors as Olivia leads them to the stash. Negan holds back Rick and muses at how they have ‘a fat lady in charge of rations’ as he asks Rick to thank him for not taking their food rations. Tension builds as Rick must unwillingly submit to Negan’s requests to keep the peace.

Returning to where Daryl’s bike was kept, Rosita and company load it into the van. Spencer seems to blame Rick for what went down out in the words, saying if he has thought it through – some people may still be with us. Rosita heads out into the trees as he calls out after her. Back at Alexandria, the Saviors come across the missile launcher which took out a group of Saviors as Negan puts two and two together. The inventory has come up short so Olivia is in the firing line for Negan who begins to threaten her as he swishes Lucille around. Rick attempts to calm Negan’s anger as he approaches Olivia about the two missing guns. Beginning to hope it won’t be going the same way as episode one, the next scene cuts to a shot of Lucille – which I hope to god is still clean.


In the church, Rick is addressing the survivor group about hiding guns in the woods and how they now need to give them up to the Saviors. Asking for the whereabouts of the missing firearms, he tells them that if they don’t cough them up, Olivia will die by Lucille. Announcing the strip of his leadership, Rick asks again of the guns when Eugene notices that not everyone is in attendance.

Rosita is out in the woods with a herd tracking her which she must tango with to free herself from their clutches. She admits to wandering out in the woods to try and find a zombified Savior who still has their gun. With no reward, she heads back to the truck with her scavenging partner. Back at Alexandria, Rick is tearing apart the houses to find the guns as Father Gabe approaches him and tells him of the faith he has in Rick. Rick comes across a creaking floorboard which he removes the grate from as he reaches his arm inside. Finding the two missing guns he heads outside to find Enid begging to keep her green balloons which is a lovely tribute to Glenn but also shows the gravity of his departure.

Asking Rick which group member almost cost Olivia her life, Negan threatens Rick to get all his people on board with the new ‘service agreement’. The Saviors prepare to leave as Rosita and Spencer approach in the van with the bike in the back. Asking for a moment alone with the sniper wielding Michonne, Rick heads out to the outhouse to collect the rifle from her. He says he knows what she’s doing, she practicing her gun skills for when the time comes for them to retaliate. Begging her to hand it over, Rick and Michonne return with the sniper and deer in tow.

Hard Truths

After proving their acceptance, Rick asks for one favour which is to let Daryl stay. Negan gives Daryl the option to speak for himself, which we all know is a rhetorical suggestion as Daryl stays silent. Noting how they need to have something interesting next time, and his surprise at the lack of deaths by his hand, he urges Rick to thank him for the displeasure of having him in his home. With Rick gripping Lucille, tighter and tighter, we begin to think he will turn on Negan whilst his back is turned. The tension builds to an anticlimactic end as his grip loosens and his fury dies out.

Watching the van pull away, Rick looks on after Daryl hoping to one day be reunited with his right-hand man. As the day of reckoning ends, Rick confronts Spencer about the hiding spot where the two guns were held. Pinning it all on Rick, including the death of Glenn and Abe, Rick promises to knock his teeth out if he says anything like that again. Rosita returns to the car where she held the gun she found in the wheel arch and slips it into the back of her jeans.

Michonne and Rick are back in the house, trying to salvage what is left of their home now the Saviors have taken their pick. Rick brings up Shane, his old partner who he killed, and retells the beginning to Michonne as if it was a distant memory. He tells her about how he got Lori and Carl to safety and how they shacked up together when they thought Rick was dead. He admits he knows he’s not Judith biological daughter, how she isn’t his but she is his world. He admits accepting the worst to try keep everyone alive and in the best way as possible, which is what he’s also attempting to do now with the Negan situation.

Michonne is out again the wilderness, on top of her lookout car but this time without the sniper in hand. She notices something off in the distance which she warily approaches with a hand on her Katana. She finds (something) burned to the ground which puts her in a rage. Rosita picks up a shell casing which she finds on the floor and heads to Eugene’s home where she asks him to make her a bullet – referring to the manufacturing plan he came up with the help of Abe last season.