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The Walking Dead Season 7 Key Artwork


Image Credit: AMC/The Walking Dead

Who did Negan kill? That’s the big question that we’ve all been wondering since the finale of season 6 when we were left with blackness and screams of terror. Whoever it was that ‘took it like a champ’ is kneeling in the new key art that AMC released earlier this week.

The candidates are there, all of the bookies favourites to get their melons bashed in. Personally, I don’t think they will defer from the comic book outcome, but who knows what AMC has up their sleeves for this coming season.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan seems to be at the forefront of all of TWD’s new imagery, showcasing that the baseball bat wielding nut-job really did a number on the audiences all over the globe.

To quote Norman Reedus himself:

“We are no longer the Alpha right now. Its a new, dangerous world in a different way now”