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‘The Walking Dead’: No Way Out (6.09) recap

Today I’ll be recapping Monday nights episode of TWD – No Way Out – which was the mid-season premiere. Please refrain from reading if you’re not yet up to date with the series.

To begin we are faced with the unlikely trio of Daryl, Sasha and Abraham. Last we saw of them they were in a bit of a pickle by being unfortunate enough to come across Negan’s biker gang, which if you’re a fan of the comics is a big deal. The episode continued from there, with them giving up their weapons as asked and surrendering albeit unwillingly on Abraham’s part. This scene contains one of my favourite lines from the show. The gang leader, when realising Abraham’s hesitation, notes that “If you have to eat shit, best not to nibble. Bite, chew, swallow, repeat. It goes quicker.” A quote that I would have laughed at if the guy hadn’t been pointing a gun at one of my favourite characters. Daryl meanwhile is ushered off to the back of the now hi-jacked tanker and we don’t hear much of a peep from him. That is until it seems certain that Sasha & Abraham are going to lose their heads to the manic leader and he makes quick use of that RPG and blows the gang to smithereens.  Something that I think redeems him from losing his bike and much loved cross-bow in the previous episode.

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We are then flung back into the scene at Alexandria, zombies filling the streets and everyone still in the same precarious position they were in the mid-season finale. Maggie is up on the watchtower waiting to be zombie chum, Rick and the gang are smothered in guts in a retro TWD style plan, Denise is abducted by a Wolf, and Carol and Morgan still want to kill each other.

Rick and the gang are heading through the sea of walkers in their ever so fashionable blood couture when Father Gabe offers to take Judith to the church to keep her safe from harm. Rick agrees and Jessie also tries to make Sam go with Gabe too but he assures her how he can do it. Oh how foreshadowing. We all know Sam is not made for the walker filled world, especially since in the last episode we heard him shouting “MOM” over and over again whilst surround by nibblers. Sam starts thinking of what Carol had previously said to him, making him freeze for fear of the ‘monsters that will eat him alive’. Why does Carol always screw up the kids? This results in his death because he starts to cry, attracting zombies to the hand-holding crew.

Jessie, unable to do anything except scream whilst her son gets eaten in front of her, becomes the main course of this shin dig and there goes Rick’s new love interest. Due to her holding Carl’s hand and him being unable to get her off him, Rick does what he has to and chops off her hand at the wrist, freeing Carl. Incensed, Ron picks up a gun that Carl dropped in the struggle and attempts to kill Rick by letting off a shot which ultimately misses. Michonne comes to the rescue and skewers Ron with her katana. I never liked that kid anyway. All seems well until Carl turns to Rick and we realise that the shot may have missed Rick, but not Carl. Carl is one eye down and falls to the ground where Rick picks him up. How does Carl survive a shot to the head? The Walking Dead logic, that’s how!

With the walkers now alerted to the presence of the gut soaked gang, things start to get even hairier.

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The episode then flicks between Glenn on his crusade with Enid to save Maggie from being dessert; Carol and Morgans group hiding out; the ‘other Alexandians’ group and Denise and her Wolf captor.

Denise and Mr.Wolf attempt to get out of Alexandria when he gets a nasty bite to the arm, urging Denise to tell him she can save him. On the way to the hospital however, they run into a predicament where he stops to help Denise with zombies which are quickly surrounding her and he becomes lunch. Denise escapes with the help of Carol and her lucky revolver. With Denise back in the hospital, she can get to work on Carl and his unfortunate eye incident. Whilst Carl is being worked on in the ER, Rick fills with rage and storms out, axe in hand, ready to chop up some walkers with Michonne in tow trying to make sure he doesn’t get himself killed. Seeing Rick take on the walkers by himself compels the others hiding away in their homes to armor up and join in with the festivities. We get a nice shot of all of the survivors hacking and slashing, ending with an ever angry Rick.

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However, even though this inspiring, gore laden scene happened, the zombies are still closing in and Rick’s gang end up with their backs against the wall. Glenn has lured the walkers away from Maggie whist Enid goes to her rescue and we are sure he’s going to be the next main character killed off. With death almost knocking, Abraham, Sasha and Daryl arrive in true TWD style, machine guns blazing and setting fire to the pond with the use of their tankers contents to attract and burn all the remaining walkers.

At Carl’s bedside, Rick explains how Dianna was right and how they CAN rebuild and they CAN make this a home. The episode ends with Carl responding to his Dad’s pleas with a little hand squeeze, showing that there is hope. The survivors, although three down, live to see another day, Now just to deal with this Negan guy.