‘The Walking Dead’ – Go Getters (7.5) recap

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Here is the recap on the latest from AMC’s The Walking Dead – Episode 5: Go Getters. This piece is an overall recap of the episodes events, therefore, it will contain spoilers. Please be aware of this before continuing to read on.


Maggie, still reeling from the events of episode one, wakes to find the doctor who tells her of the complications which led them to hilltop in the first place. The baby is all fine and well but it’s suggested that she stays at hilltop for the duration of her pregnancy, to be around those who can help. She exits the infirmary and asks Sasha where Glenn and Abe have been laid to rest, which she then goes and kneels beside. Finding comfort in her friend’s loss, they both grieve at the gravesides of their lost loves. Telling Sasha of the Dr’s orders, Sasha promises to stay by her side as Jesus approaches.

The Hilltop leader, Gregory, marches up to the trio and questions their reasons for being still here since Maggie is now awake. He tries to worm his way out of the deal they had previously made, trying to get the two girls to leave in the early hours of the next morning as he doesn’t want the Saviors to think they are colluding with the Survivor group. Passing Maggie’s pregnancy off as her own mistake, the conversation abruptly ends as he walks away, leaving the group dumbfounded. As we know, the Saviors currently think Maggie is dead, so her going back to Alexandria could end up in bloodshed if Negan sees her and finds out he’s been lied to.

Rick is heading north to go on a supplies mission to gather ‘gifts’ for when the Saviors next return. Michonne refuses to go along with the supply party which Carl questions her motive for. Enid is readying herself to climb to outside the walls when Carl finds her. She wants to go to Hilltop to see Maggie. She refuses to take his advice so he tells her he won’t save her any longer which she then turns against him, saying he came back ‘in one piece’ – unlike others from episode one. Once outside the walls, Enid is set upon by a group of walkers which she tries to run from. Finding herself cornered a mysterious car approaches which flattens most the roamers. Sheepishly approaching the window to the car, it rolls down to show Carl in the driver seat, who once again saved her from more than certain death.


Attempting to come up with a deal with Jesus to keep Maggie in range of the Dr, Sasha offers herself up as a gatherer to pay for Maggie’s place in hilltop.  He leaves the girls to mull over the possible ways to be able to stay in the safety of Hilltops walls. Sasha questions whether Gregory has the guts to kick them out due to him being an idiotic coward, something Maggie thinks could make him far more dangerous.

The moon is full as Sasha sees fire set outside with music blaring from a car nearby. Ordering Maggie to stay where she is, Sasha ventures out to see the bonfire and music which is drawing in walkers from all directions. Clearly a trap, but set by whom? The Saviours or a nasty trick from Gregory? Calling to Jesus, Maggie asks him to go and help Sasha who is all alone down there fending off the walkers. We see Gregory watch on from his home as the pair attack the roamers to the building music. The scene ends as Maggie pushes a car onto the remaining walkers as the screen goes black.

Explaining what happened with Negan and Lucille in episode one, Carl and Enid begin their long walk to Hilltop to see how Maggie is doing. Their relationship seems to blossom further as the pair leans on one another to get through the tough times ahead, which they are presuming they will face in the next coming weeks, due to the saviour situation. They find roller skates which lift the mood of the episode slightly, letting them act like kids like they would have been before the outbreak.

That Painting

Gregory is still arguing against letting the girls stay, whilst still ignorantly not knowing who Sasha is. Expressing his urgency on their departure, even despite being saved by them yesterday, Gregory seedily suggests a more sexual arrangement between himself and Sasha, which he quickly denies once told to ‘go to hell’. Discussions are swiftly brought to a halt when engines are roaring outside the gate, the Saviors are here.

Simon, also known as Trevor fro GTA 5, is the one in charge today, taking the place of Negan, and pressures Greg into having a private meeting within his office to get a great look at ‘that painting’. Gregory informs him that they get the message after the antics from last night, confirming it was a Savior tactic. Simon tells a cowering Gregory that the night’s events were their way of working their asses off to show them how good the Hilltop guys have it. Questioning how they managed to ‘clean up’ within themselves, he then goes on to tell Gregory that the last set of Saviors he dealt with are now dead and gone, meaning he will be their ‘new Negan’ because that is what Negan wants.

Leading the new ‘Negan’ to a closet, we all sit on the edge of our seats wondering whether he’ll give the girls position away, surely dooming them. He opens the door and shows them a box full of scotch which pleases the Saviors before he sets the rest of the gang on the rest of the village to take half and only half of what they’ve got. His expression when opening the door makes me think he didn’t expect the girls to not be there.

Carl and Enid approach the outskirts of hilltop as they see the ‘Negan truck’ with the Saviors lurking around. With Carl wanting to kill the group where they stand, Enid questions whether his plan is good as she doesn’t want him to get hurt. Kissing him, she begs him to stay but knows she can’t stop him.


Back to the hilltop, we realise that Gregory did try to give the girls away but Jesus hid them somewhere else, tricking him into giving the alcohol away instead. Gregory realises that he’s getting demoted as Jesus demands that the girls are staying within the Hilltop walls making them a dysfunctional family. Maggie leaves to go back to the trailer as Sasha asks if Jesus can find out where Negan lives, and keep the location quiet between them.

On her way to the van, Maggie finds Enid next to Glenn’s grave, which now has the, now inflated, green balloons attached to give a nod towards the time he saved her when Alexandria was swarmed by walkers. Giving Glenn’s watch (which was formally owned by Hershel) to Enid, they sit and hold hands over dinner as they pray. The Saviors are seen leaving the compound with the sound of Sasha sharpening her blade in the background, smoking Abe’s last cigar. Jesus is aboard one of the Savior’s trucks, preparing to find the location of Negan’s place as we hear Carl call out to him from behind a barrel, also on his way to face the man who killed his friend.