‘The Walking Dead’: Last Day On Earth (6.16) recap

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Here it is guys, the moment we’ve all been waiting for, It’s time for The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale named Last Day On Earth – just in case you weren’t worried enough about the events that are about to unfold. For obvious reasons, if you aren’t all caught up with the series, do not read on. This post will be a FULL recap of the 90-minute finale episode, including heavy spoilers, which will also make it a longer post than usual so settle down with a nice drink and prepare yourselves. Last we saw Morgan was still on the hunt for Carol, Maggie had gotten into trouble with her unborn child and Daryl was shot by Dwight trying to rescue Glenn and Michonne.

We start with whistling sounds in the distance with a bokeh infused background, maybe through the eyes of a hurt survivor – maybe Daryl? Morgan is the on screen with his trusty stick and satchel wading through the long grass in sear for a lost Carol. The music is already tense, with a rhythmic beat which would resemble a heart rate at a running pace. ‘You are alive’ a makeshift sign reads as Morgan passes it by to spot a horse alone in the field. Reaching the horse, Morgan repeats the signs message as he strokes the horse to calm it. Changing perspective, we switch to Carol’s stalker from the car gunfight – with her prayer beads in hand he determinedly staggers on wounded in search for Carol. Whistles come in from all directions when we are greeted with a blurry running shot of someone who we only presume to be fleeing from the Saviors. The man’s bloodied face is filled with terror as he stumbles his way through the overgrowth.

Another quick change of scenery takes us to Carl and Enid who are talking about the missing survivors and how they should be back by now. He’s leaving and wants Enid to stay. He claims he knows what could happen – he knows how far Hilltop is and that the saviors are out there lurking. We get further shots of the fleeing man as Carl talks over about the Saviors. He talks about what they did to Eugene, Denise, Carol and many more as the running man is surrounded. He wants to keep Enid safe so therefore going on the trip with Rick. They are taking Maggie to hilltop in the RV. With Abe, Sasha and Eugene wanting to tag along as a package deal, everyone starts to load up into the RV as Enid realizes Carl is only going because he wants there to be a fight – he wants to run into the Saviors and get revenge despite the fact Maggie is in need of urgent attention. This shows how far down the rabbit hole Carl has gone and how much revenge is fueling him.

Rick wants Eugene to stay behind but he’s determined to go and help with Maggie’s transport despite his own injuries. You can see Eugene evolving into a stronger person – I think he’s been that way a while but we just haven’t had the chance to see it. The man we saw before is now confronted by the group of Saviors who were hounding him. We see our first glimpse of Steven Ogg (Trevor from GTA V) playing a sadistic Savior – he fits the role well. He gives a rousing speech to the injured man – claiming all this is his people’s fault because they wanted to fight. He attacks the bloodied man and we then cut back to Carl who is now happy to let Enid come along – until he locks her in the closet as a trick. As Enid is banging on the door to be freed, the wounded man is being kicked to the same rhythm, showing the contrast of the two’s desires.

Carl leaves Enid in the closet to protect her from coming along on the dangerous trip. Gabe approaches Rick to tell him about the lookouts they have on the watch towers and how he will be in charge of Alexandria’s defense if rick agrees. Gabe promises Rick he will protect Judith at all costs – showing the gravity of the situation. We cut across to another Morgan scene where he is now atop the horse and riding it along the road. This brings back nostalgia to when Rick rode his horse into Atlanta as it’s shot almost identically. He approaches a fenced off area where Carol is sat on a stoop curled inwards on herself. We can see she’s injured as she struggles to get out a plea as to why he’s come to find her as he looks over he wounds. Back to the injured man now who is being dragged onto a road and is told he’s going to be made an example of.

The RV is on its way to Hilltop with Maggie aboard, Rick sits with her and he tells her how everything will be fine because they’ve always been together and that as long as its all of them – they can do anything. This is an exact opposite of what Carol’s dialogue for the episode is like, she claims she can’t be around others because It makes things worse. Its a nice alternative underlying theme which leaves it open for the next season.

The RV comes across a road blockade and we soon see why the man was being made into an example. The group of Saviors is stood in the same position on the road as we last saw them – he’s being made into an example for Rick’s group (not his own). Arms raised, a small amount of Rick’s group approach the saviors, leaving Maggie inside. ‘Give us all your stuff, we’ll probably have to kill one of you that’s just how it goes’ Steven Ogg‘s character shouts in attempting to work out a deal. Rick brushes it of- noting how he was going to ask the same despite not having to kill any of them (pointing out he’s killed quite a few already).  Prompting another Savior to spray-paint the chest of the wounded man, Rick tells them that he and his people are leaving and starts to back away towards the RV.

They bring up the title of the episode – discussing who will have their last day on earth, whether it’s one of Rick’s group or one of the Saviors. With Rick leaving, the Savior leader kicks the wounded man in the head – presumably to kill him. We get another shot of the blurry background as Ricks RV reverses to find another route to Hilltop.

Morgan tells Carol about how many people came out looking for her – how Daryl came to search for her on his bike also whilst misinforming her that they will all be back waiting for her arrival. He tells her how he can’t let her die but by leaving her alone – she will. He refuses to leave as she begs his to leave her there. On the new route in the RV, Abe inadvertently asks Sasha if she could have a child like Maggie and Glenn are. He admits he thinks he could now that they are together. Its a nice moment showing their relationship and how despite issues with the group – they are going to be there for each other. This moment turns sour as they approach another road block. Carl wants to end it and Rick disagrees saying they are going to play it their way – slow and easy. The group of saviors blocking their way are armed to the teeth with guns and start sounding off shots as the RV pulls away to find another route. With the tank getting lower it seems like Rick and the gang are being played for fools but for the sake of Maggie, they have to let it happen.

Morgan ventures outside of the area which now looks to be the Library the wounded man said his people were from earlier. We see a strung up walker which was no doubt one of the inhabitants that disobeyed the Saviors orders – probably made an example of. Morgan climbs the frame of the scaffold the walker is dangling from to end its misery. Coming back inside to find Carol, he finds her gone and the outside gate locked up tight. Riding atop his new horse friend he goes out on the road again in search for Carol and her dramatic ways. I think all this part of the episode could have been put in another episode and made the entire season finale all about the Saviors and the elusive Negan – adding this whole Carol running off shenanigans on top made the episode seem slightly disjointed and irregular.  It was easy to tire of the moments of Morgan running after Carol again because she’s become unwound.

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With the RV running lower than what it should be, they are on another route to Hilltop to help Maggie. You can feel the frustration build up and up until there’s another roadblock waiting for the crew. Abe’s sigh of despair as he slows the vehicle is mirrored by the viewer who just wants to see Maggie get treatment as much as the characters on screen. This time its a bunch of walkers, chained in a ‘red rover’ all wrestling to get free. They realise that these walkers all have things on them belonging to the missing survivors. Just as they are about to put down the line of walkers – shots come flying in as the group flee back into the RV. It was obviously a trap to lure them out of their protected stance. Abe gets off a few rounds to try give cover to those still running back into safety. Rick cuts the line apart and they quickly escape in the RV with gunfire still ricocheting around.

On the road again, something sounds amiss with the truck and they suspect a stray bullet may have damaged the integrity of the RV. Rick thinks they know where his group want to go, that they were directing them that way on purpose. With Maggie in critical condition, options of survival are starting to look slim for the gang. Ave shouts Rick to the front of the vehicle when they start to approach what looks like a wall of Saviors standing int their path. How many people do these guys have? How did they cover all these roads in such a small amount of time. Small discrepancies in the timeline are starting to add up but unless your paying full attention, I don’t think it would ruin the ambiance of the episode.

Morgan is still in search for Carol on his trusty steed when he comes across Carols beads lying on the ground next to a downed walker, worried and frightened she may be further hurt he sets off in a canter, however, as viewers we know her stalker was the last one to have those in his hand. We see Carol walking through a field in the hopes of escaping Morgans pleas as she tied to shut  a walker inside of a skip, to stop her from having to kill it. Suddenly a gnawing walkers rounds the corner on her and Carol has to fight it off – already wounded and frailer than her usual self. She pulls its head away as its skin begins to stretch, letting it’s teeth get closer and closer to her face. With one last burst she slams her knife through it’s skull. Before she can catch her breath she is pinned to the ground by the Savior stalker and he points her own gun at her. He wants to watch her die slowly and he shoots her in the arm to be able to watch her bleed out.

Maggie is now in a feverish state as the group are now on their fourth route to the Hilltop infirmary, Rick is trying to re-assure her that everything will be OK with her and the baby and is trying to make her believe in him. Carol wounded on the ground, laughs to herself which then annoys her stalker. She seems happy to be dying which stuns him into shooting her again in the leg – wounding her further and making her bleed out faster. Anticipation for Morgans arrival stirs in the viewers stomach – is he going to arrive in time? Carol antagonizes him to actually get on with it and kill her as he begins to walk away. Do you want to die Carol? Jeez! He turns on his heel and fast approaches her body as we hear Morgan tell him to stop from behind the camera. He’s aiming at the Savior as if he will kill him to save Carol – something Carol predicted merely minutes ago. Giving him many chances to lower his weapon, Morgan goes on to mortally shoot the savior 6 times and rushes to Carol’s side to help her.

Carol begs for Morgan to let her die which he replies to with it not being her time yet. I don’t know – Carol seems to be on the edge at this point, if things go the way of the comics she may end up taking her own life if she carries on un-raveling at the same rate as she is now. Suddenly a stranger in pretty odd looking armor approaches from behind. Hes not a savior that’s for sure – whether he belongs to another group from the comics is yet to be determined. We find out that Morgan got the horse from these guys – who seem to be pretty well stocked by the looks of the guy in the background carrying a spear of some sort. resembling a knight which puts an ironic edge to the situation, they say they will help Carol and Morgan out – therefore being their knights in less shiny armor.

Rick and the gang spot tracks that the Saviors ‘big toys’ made to put up a giant log wall to stop them in their tracks again. Startled by a  man thrown over the edge of a bridge and left to hang, Eugene suggests shooting the chain to free him. With Rick refusing to use up bullets, the man dies and turns whilst he hangs there – the survivors looking on. A fire begins on the log wall as we hear the voice of Steven Ogg’s Savior character ask if Rick had been treating his people right since it’s his last day on earth – referring to the earlier conversation they had. He mocks the group  by pretending to care about them – telling them they should go as it’ll get hot and they should ‘go get where they’re going’. Stumped as to what to do about getting to Hilltop, Eugene offers to drive the ‘rust bucket’ RV alone as a decoy for the Saviors to follow – a suicide mission if ever I heard one. Rick somehow agrees to this and Eugene shares his recipe for ammunition creation – this shows that Eugene thinks he’s not going to get through this.

A sad parting of Eugene and Abe takes place as he notes that ‘he was always a survivor, they just didn’t know it’. Its a bitter sweet goodbye as although he’s doing good for the team, he’s possibly giving up his life if the Saviors catch him. He knows what he’s in for as he boards the RV alone and the others set out on foot to deliver Maggie to Hilltop. Walking through the foggy forest, Carl puts down an approaching walker as the others trudge on behind carrying Maggie on a stretcher. Carl goes off on his little rant about how he won’t let what happened to Denise happen to anyone else when all of a sudden the eerie whistles begin to echo through the woodland. The Saviors, they’re here and fast approaching. Breaking into a run, the gang are blinded by light and very quickly surrounded by what looks to be maybe 50 Saviors. How many ARE THERE?! When thinking how many Rick and the gang killed in their sleep a few episodes back – there must have been over 100 at one point.

Surrounded and startled by the large number of people, the gang huddles together as the Saviors slowly gain ground like lions coming in for the kill. Rick looks to be absolutely terrified or enraged at the sight of all these people until he notices the RV and Eugene knelt on the floor beside it. he was caught. Steven Ogg’s Savior comes into view as orders the gang to hand over their weapons. The gang know they aren’t going to get out of this, you can practically hear the fear in Rick’s voice. The sadistic Savior takes Carl’s gun (the one that was once a Saviors with Lucille etched into the handle) as he mocks him about how it’s clearly not his.

Helping Maggie to the line where they are to kneel, the survivors do as they are told and kneel along side one another. We find out that the blurry visions are from Daryl, Glenn, Rosita and Michonne who then are brought over to the rest of the group and told to kneel. Glenn notices Maggie, his wife that he hasn’t seen since she cut her hair or got into trouble with the baby. With all the survivors lined up like a shooting range, out steps Negan with Lucille thrown over his shoulder causally. ‘Pissing our pants yet?’ he asks, mocking the survivors clear fear of this maniac. Rick being pointed out as the leader, Negan approaches and introduces himself and vents his annoyance at hoe it was ‘not cool’ to kill more of is people when they were sent to kill Rick’s gang. He claims they will regret crossing him in only a matter of minutes, telling him of the new world order which happens to be ‘Give him your shit or he will kill you’.

Seeing Negan played perfectly was a sight to behold. Viewers though Rick was bad ass and a little insane – Negan is all of those turned up to 11. His speech continues by telling the survivors that they own them now. They are their slaves. With no answer from anyone, Negan continues saying he doesn’t want to kill anyone but since they killed so many of his Saviors – they have to pay. He tells them that he’s going to beat the holy hell out of one of them – something that happens in the comics to Glenn – but we don’t know what way the TV show will go with this. He introduces Lucille, a baseball bat with barbed wire wound around her. His favourite weapon. Approaching Carl, he tells him to lighten up and asks for him to cry just a little – enjoying the resentful stare back. He then notices Maggie’s condition and states maybe he should put her out of her misery – which receives a yell and lunge from Glenn – possibly sealing his fate.

‘Don’t any of you do that again’ Negan retorts, warning the survivors of any more outbursts. He figures out that Carl is Rick’s kid and pleas for him to not make him kill the future serial killer. The moment is stretched out, as the us as viewers are on the edge of our seats wondering who Negan will choose to kill. He decides to play eeny meeny miney mo to pick who the victim of Lucille will be, with shots of the characters face as he passes them. ‘You can breathe, you can blink, you can cry’ we hear him say from the victims perspective – who we don’t know the identity of since the camera flicked through so many characters – repeating and confusing the order also. He slams down Lucille on the head of his chosen victim , making their vision blur and causing screams to escape from the other survivors mouths. We hear a slight out of breath pant that I can’t place a gender to as blood pours down the screen and the victim is noted to be taking it like a champ. Another hit and blackness takes hold, another hit and more screams, final hits sound wet and mushy most likely being that the skull is shattered.

We are left on this cliffhanger until October brings around season 7, Which will most likely pick up where this season left off. Predictions wise, due to the cast members being in such shock about the finale – I have thoughts about it being a beloved character. It can’t be Rick or Carl because they are mentioned to be hurt if people try get in the way of the kill so they must logically still be alive. It could be Michonne, Daryl, Glenn or Maggie – very beloved characters. Personally I think they will either stay true to the comics and it will be Glenn who dies or to add a further twist of the blade, It will be Maggie – who they have tried all episode to save only to have her die at the hands of a maniac like Negan.

What are your predictions for the victim of Lucille who is sure to be announced in the opening of Season 7. Let us know in the comments below and try to survive these next few tense months along with us.