‘The Walking Dead’: East (6.15) recap

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Back at it again with The Walking Dead this week with the recap of the latest tense filled episode East. If you aren’t all caught up with TWD goodness then refrain from reading on as this post will contain pretty heavy spoilers.

Fresh blood and gunshots welcome us to the episode with faint dialogue in the distance. This looks to be a fast forward as we are then thrown back to a less than chipper Carol sewing in Alexandria – obviously before she upped and left. Tobin arrives with a little hand wound – noting how quiet it is over at the infirmary after the loss of Denise. With Carol obviously distracted, Tobin apologizes for mentioning it and Carol pretends she only worried about Tara finding out and how she’ll take it. We know this to be untrue as the next scene is of Carol getting up in the dead of the night to leave Alexandria. I still think this is an illogical step for Carol. Either this will end in her death or someones else’s by the hand of Negan. I also think that she will be vilified for anything that could go wrong in the search for her – I.e if someone happens to die whilst out searching the woods for her – It’ll be seen as her fault.

Morning breaks and we get a few shots of the residents doing their thing including Rosita and Carl who happens to pick up a a gun with and etching if Lucille on it. I wonder is this was Negan’s gun? We then a a cheeky shot on Glenn and Maggie in the shower together. A pretty happy moment turns bitter when Glenn notices the large bruises on the side of his pregnant wife. It looks like Maggie may be crying in this scene and hiding it well under the shower but it’s hard to tell. Daryl sits atop his motorcycle and quickly glances at his keying which has Dennis written on it. This links back to last week when Denise told the story of her brother Dennis and also looks like one of the key-rings in the shop she was looking at. Maybe he found it on her after her death. Either way it’s a nice shot to show his guilt feelings about her death – how he knew t was meant to be him; how she was killed with his crossbow and how she was killed by someone he left alive. You really feel for the guy.

Things definitely seemed to have blossomed between Abe and Sasha – with hints of smiles and long glances in each others direction – all to the dismay of Rosita who looks on scrutinizing every detail internally. Rick and Michonne are still a thing as we catch them under the blankets sharing an apple of all things – blissfully unaware of the Carol situation. Michonne reveals that Maggie is worried about an attack – a notion Rick quickly puts to bed. Daryl races up to the gate on his bike and demands to get through. Michonne and Glenn hop in a van to chase him down with Rosita tagging along.

Tobin visits Rick – showing him Carol’s letter – with the group wondering how she got out without anyone on guard noticing her departure. A truck is missing – meaning that was her means of escape and Rick and Morgan leave to go try find her before she gets herself into trouble. Shooting over to Carol, we see her driving the missing truck and slowly approaching a pick up full of people. With her tires blown out, she gets out to try amicably approach the three men. She once again plays the damsel in distress. They demand information – where shes from and where shes going – She claims her name is Nancy and is from Mont-Claire.

They think they know where shes from due to the car having the defensive spears through it – they know shes from Alexandria. She looks to be having a panic attack and claims it ‘doesn’t have to be this way and no one has to get hurt’. We know that she isn’t insinuating that she’ll get hurt in this mess – she means them because she knows she’ll have to kill them, the one thing that she doesn’t want to do. With a trick up her sleeve (that trick being a gun) she downs the foes quickly all with tears brimming. With one guy left, she crawls round the car until the opportune moment to stab him with one of the spears.

Another guy seems to be alive and gets cornered by Carol and we see the same scenes from the very beginning of the episode compromising of blood pools and gun shots. Morgan and Rick are in the van chasing down killer Carol and they argue about which way she would have gone – Morgan claims she must have gone East whereas Rick thinks she must have gone West. You can feel the tension in the car spouting from the strained relationship between the pair.

A survivor of Carols attack emerges from the car as Rick and Morgan approach the scene. Carol doesn’t seem to have been gone long since some of her victims are still clinging to life. They find out these guys are Saviors because of the weapons they are wielding. Rick shows his pride at how she managed to take out so many of them whilst Morgan feels differently stating that she may have got hurt due to a blood trail leading away from the scene. Rick thinks she may have taken them with her – or she died there and re-animated. Emerging from the bushes, the lone survivor of Carols bloodshed finds her beads seemingly tracking her down into a field of long grass.

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Crossing over to Glenn and company, they track Daryl as far as the scene from last week where Dwight killed Denise. Upon finding his camouflaged bike, Glenn presses Rosita to the direction of where Dwight retreated to last episode. Following that path we see Daryl wading through tall grass as the other approach him. He exclaims how they shouldn’t have come. He shows his guilt in not killing Dwight when he had the chance. Glenn tries to reason with him to get him to go back with them – claiming he’s not doing it for Denise but for his own gratification. Disregarding their pleas, he continues on with Rosita backing him up. Glenn and Michonne return alone, trudging through the woods, when they hear whistling and they notice they are surrounded by Saviors – lead by none other than Dwight himself.

Morgan and Rick are still on the hunt for Carol when they come across a pooling of blood – noting if its Carol she will have been bleeding for a while. Rick states how he’s out here to save her: his family. Morgan calls him on it and points out how Rick once sent her away, how there was once bad blood between the pair. A barn like structure lingers in the background with plenty of bodies around it, making the pair approach with caution. Spotting an unknown male down a walker – they call out for him to surrender when he runs back inside and hear him conversing with others. Are these Saviors? Do they have Carol?

Rick lines up a shot on a runaway when Morgan pushes him arm away – making him miss his target. Cutting down the quickly approaching walkers, Morgan gets himself into a bit of trouble with one piggy-backing him trying to get a bite until Rick puts it down. The weapons are the same as the ones Saviors got from Hilltop – making Rick believe the runaway is a Savior thus tracking him down. In the heat of the moment, Morgan tells all with the Wolves situation – how he left that one alive in the brown stone basement. He retells how Carol found out and how the Wolf took Denise hostage – which ended in the Wolf saving her and she saved Carl.

Morgan pleads for Rick to go home whilst he stays out there and looks for Carol. Rick reluctantly agrees and hands Morgan his gun whilst admitting he knew Michonne stole the protein bar – making the viewers smile in such a somber moment. Rick returns home to find that Michonne and crew are yet to return home. Abe opens up how he’s scared more now having someone he loves – someone to return home to – but it also makes him that much more determined to survive – to actually be able to come back to their open arms.

Maggie finds Enid, asking for help which leads to a nice Easter egg from the comics with her cutting her hair short. The nice moment is torn to shreds when Maggie screams and hunches inwards clutching her stomach. A harrowing moment flicks then to Glenn and Michonne gagged and bound in the aftermath of Dwight’s surprise arrival. Daryl approaches with Rosita, as if to rescue the pair when Dwight catches them and holds them at gunpoint. A tense 5 seconds hols the audience when Dwight shoots Daryl with blood spatter covering half of the screen. The blackness fills the screen and the final words we hear are ‘You’ll be alright’ by Dwight.

This was a very quick ending, meaning that next week will most like take off from this moment. I doubt Daryl is dead due to the words Dwight chooses to use – most likely aimed at Daryl himself – however, It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that Daryl is seriously injured, making the next episode a possible final one for his character unless the circumstances change real quick. When the cast where asked about this season they mentioned how it was ‘hard to get over’ and how it also made them ‘sick to their stomachs’. Now we don’t know if this is due to Negan’s character and the events that happen in the comics unfolding (all of which would easily make you queasy) or if it’s for the sudden demise of a pretty big (and well loved) character like Daryl. We will have to wait and see.

Next episode is the season finale which I will also be doing coverage of and I will maybe be doing some extra posts on the run up to the big night to try get you all geared up. Ready yourself for the carnage guys, it’s about to be a good one.