The Starblood Trilogy by Carmilla Voiez review

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With a mountain graphic adult content, The Starblood Trilogy by Carmilla Voiez is – without a doubt – a true horror tale. An erotically charged Gothic horror story, it follows the story of Satori and Star as they rekindle their love (or try to). Mix that with a heap of demons and erotica, The Starblood Trilogy isn’t for everyone, but by God, it’s worth a read.

From the first chapter, Ms. Voiez hooks you – deep. The characters have been carefully developed, leaving nothing to the imagination or chance. Although one of the characters’ actions, no spoilers, are the epitome of evil they’re aren’t completely dislikable. In such context, this is rare to find in a book, especially horror. Each character described as malicious or otherwise, grip you in their tight grasp and don’t let go. There’s more than what meets the eye, from Satori to Lillith, the fleshing out of each individual’s own personal story is what makes this such an intense ride.

The author has a unique talent. Every line, every paragraph, every chapter leaves you begging for more. I’m not usually one for such styles of horror but even I was on the edge of my seat. The story is fluid and laid out perfectly and the pacing is good.

Coming in at under £3 and $3 respectively on Amazon Kindle, I’d struggle to suggest a similar title with such a punch. The good news – Kindle Unlimited users in the UK can read this book for free!

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