‘The Rot’ by Paul Kane review

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The Rot is written in the style of a journal. In it, we follow an ex-RAF pilot, Adam, who because of an experimental suit finds himself immune to a disease that seems to affect everyone and everything around him. He calls this “The Rot”. It’s bleak in the way “The Road” is bleak. Everything is Adam’s enemy and it is all he can do to survive, until he meets HER, Kim. She gives him hope.

The story is solid, although not immersive, probably because of the diary style of narrative. The characters, at least Adam and Kim are interesting, although not compelling. The dialogue is intelligent and the descriptions vivid. I got a sense that Kane wanted the book to ask philosophical questions, especially near the end, but these weren’t deep enough to challenge the reader. I suspect if Kane had decided to extend this into a novel and drop the journal style it would have been very gripping and harrowing indeed.

“The Rot” by Paul Kane will be released on September 24th and is published by Horrific Tales Publishing. It will be available in the following formats – Kindle, Case Laminate Hardback and Audio Book.

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‘The Rot’ by Paul Kane, Cover
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