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Take a Peek – Horror Block: January

Horror Block, created by the lovely folks at Nerd Block, is a monthly subscription box packed with horror related goodies. Each month features a new and exciting theme and features several items from horror classics to feature creatures. You can find out more about the block in our December box opening.

January’s Horror Block featured a particularly creepy item (for us) and a trinket from the film Carrie.

Blood in Colours

The show stopper in this months Horror Block was the Blood in Four Colours (#6) from Rue Morgue. Part of the ever growing compendium books from the well known horror entertainment magazine, Blood in Four Colours looks at the beginnings of horror comics and traces their development over the last 70 and more years. Produced by columnist Pedro Cabezuelo, it’s a treat to own.

This months box featured a collectible from the filmĀ Carrie. This film cell bookmark can be used to save the place your’re up to in your favourite novel – and lucky for us the film cell in our bookmark is a rather bloody scene! Next up was a cleaver keyring which was an EXCLUSIVE to the Horror Block! Use it on your keys or as part of a charm bracelet – the possibilities are endless. Then we reach our favourite inclusion to the Horror Block, an exclusive gravestone phone holder which has been used since we opened the box. What’s so great about this charming piece is the hole in the centre and at the back, you can charge your phone whilst keeping it secure. Way to go Horror Block!

Finally we come to the ‘disturbing’ element of the box – an EXCLUSIVE Baby Eats You Alive! doll head. As described by the Horror Block team “Somewhere in every haunted home, there is a creepy doll. Sometimes it follows you. Sometimes it just shows up in whatever room you happen to be in. Sometimes it just looks creepy but doesn’t really do anything. This doll’s head is certainly chilling – but is it haunted? We’ll never tell“, we wish you would tell! And finally the Obey tee which celebrates John Carpenter’s birthday month! The tee is from the people behind ShirtPunch.

You can find out more about Horror Block or any of Nerd Block’s other monthly subscription boxes by going to!

  • Nate Wilkes

    These look great! Ima look into them, are they expensive?

  • Amber Hodson

    It’s not that expensive considering they also ship from Canada. The price of the items also exceeds the box price – especially with the Rue Morgue magazines and extras you get.