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Rings: the third installment of the Ring franchise.

This April there will be another instalment of the Ring franchise hitting the big screens. The newly anticipated film Rings will showcase the return of Samara, hand in hand with a familiar video tape to strike terror into the hearts of viewers again.

Lead actress Naomi Watts will not be returning to our screens for this film, however, it is noted that successful and esteemed actor Johnny Galecki will be playing the part of Gabriel.

Other noted actors who will play alongside Galecki as main characters are Matilda Lutz and Alex Roe, known for his work in the recent film The 5th Wave.

It has been rumoured that this will be a prequel to the other two movies – though this has not been confirmed by the director as of yet.

Naomi Watts in "The Ring"

Naomi Watts in “The Ring”

Rings release date in the USA is set for April 1st.

Update: Paramount have pushed the release date of Rings back to October 28th – fitting if you ask us.