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‘Perception’ offers a fresh take on first person narrative games

From the developers of Bioshock and Dead Space comes a new indie game unlike anything ever seen before. Perception, a new narrative horror adventure where you play as a young, blind woman.

Created by The Deep End Games team, the game started it’s life on Kickstarter where 4,357 backers pledged $168,041 to help the dream become a reality.

The art style of this indie game which has a dare-devils esque style has already got me intrigued. Also curious as to how some of the mechanics of the game will work and how creative and unique it can be with a completely new IP. To say I’m excited would be an understatement.

Pre-order Perception and get exclusive and limited edition awards before they’re all gone. Best of all, every pre-order goes toward achieving additional Kickstarter stretch goals such as bringing the game to PS4 or Xbox One. You can digital pre-order this haunting game by going to The Deep Ends website here.  For additional details about Perception, visit the Kickstarter page.

Watch the trailer here to get you pumped for the release.