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Dead Shift by John Llewellyn Probert review

Terror Realm were lucky enough to read a pre-release copy of Dead Shift by John Llewellyn Probert, an author from south-west England. Dead Shift is written in the great tradition of H.P. Lovecraft. Like Lovecraft’s work it is heavily descriptive and at times, this makes

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Film Reviews A-Z

Welcome to the A-Z listing for all films which have been reviewed so far on Terror Realm. Film titles beginning with The will be alphabetized using the first letter in the following word, i.e. The Conjuring 2 will be under C. # – 10 Cloverfield Land

ABCs of Death (2012) review

The ABCs of Death is one mind-fuck of a film. As someone who grew up watching classics like Brain Damage, Bad Taste, and Evil Dead, it felt like a homecoming. ABC’s is produced by Ant Timson and Tim League, based on an original idea by