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Abattoir (2016) review

Recently being mentioned in the film festival circuit, Abattoir is a high-concept supernatural horror film from director Darren Bousman (Director – Saw II thru IV; Repo! the Genetic Opera). The mere mention of the title immediately set my mind ablaze with imaginings of what could

(First Look Promo) Virus: Extreme Contamination

It was only a few weeks ago that we showed you the trailer to the gruesome upcoming film Virus: Extreme Contamination, and now we are back at again with a first look at the film with recently released clip. Synopsis: An Italian scientist moves to Kosovo to study the

(Trailer) Virus: Extreme Contamination

This grotesque film is said to be freely inspired by The Colour Out of Space, a short story written by American horror author H. P. Lovecraft in March 1927. The film stars Halil Budakova, Michael Segal, Rimi Beqiri, Merita Budakova, Vilson Spaqi, Adrian Vila, Hasan Lushi, Adem Kicaj,

Murder-Set-Pieces (2004) review

Synopsis: The film follows a wealthy immigrant serial killer: a German photographer, who leads a double life: by day he shoots erotic photos. By night, he rapes, tortures, and murders prostitutes. Warning: This review will be almost completely negative. Anyone who likes this movie and

The Disappointments Room Details

The Disappointments Room is an upcoming American horror film. D.J. Caruso directed a script penned by Wentworth Miller. Kate Beckinsale and Lucas Till are the leading stars of the film. The film is scheduled to be released on March 25, 2016. The Disappointments Room is one