‘iZombie’ – Eat, Pray, Liv (3.3) review

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Ravi is a new man. He’s changed but not for the better. One of the things I appreciated most about the first two seasons of iZombie was how awesome the male characters were, in particular, Ravi. An intelligent and witty man, a great friend to Liv, and a potential love interest for Peyton, oh and he might just save the world from a zombie apocalypse. This season it seems as though he’s a different person, and all because he hates the fact that Peyton and Blaine were lovers. This episode ends with a failed reconciliation between Ravi, agreeing to put his pride aside, and Peyton, willing to give him a second chance because he’s been screwing his ex-boss, Katty, a woman he hates.

This week’s murder victim is ex banker, now new age zen master, Topher (whose name often sounds like Tofu). The mystery is less compelling than Liv’s shifts between profound wisdom and wibbly wobbly nonsense, and there are more great moments of humour between Clive and Liv. Is Clive the new Ravi? He is certainly golden in comparison this week.

Blood run hot for some.
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In other news, Blaine is guilted into testing the memory loss cure, as Major becomes more sick (the first cure is killing him like it did the rats). “I’m not afraid of dying, Liv. I’m afraid of remembering. Find a guinea pig who wants to remember his old life.” But he takes the cure anyway because Major is the better man and everyone wants to protect Major, plus Ravi, while a jealous asshole at this point, isn’t wrong when he says Blaine needs to atone for his past. Blaine’s father, Angus, reveals himself to Blaine and reclaims the fortune he left in his will. The same father and Don E are setting up a rival brain selling business centred around a night club called “The Scratching Post”. Major is starting to get to grips with the intensive training and has made a new friend at Philmore Graves, Justin, ex DJ turned zombie mercenary.

A good episode, but not a great one. The long-term story is far more compelling than the shirt mysteries they solve at this point. Will Major survive? Is Blaine faking? Can Ravi crawl back to the great man he once was? The CDC doctor, Katty, while not shagging Ravi, is getting uncomfortably close to the truth about zombies. Will she be the one to break the news to the world or will Vivien Stoll have her assassinated?





    This Week's Murder


      Long Story



        • Clive is going from strength to strength as a central character.
        • Major has some touching moments as he watches his friends.


        • Ravi is losing it big time.
        • The Scratching Post seems too familiar a story line.