Interview With Indie Horror Author – Nathan Robinson

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Horror author Nathan Robinson lives in Scunthorpe with his darling five-year-old twin boys and his patient wife/editor.
He’s had numerous short stories published by, Rainstorm Press, Knight Watch Press, Pseudopod, The Horror Zine, Static Movement, Splatterpunk Zine and many more. He writes best in the dead of night or travelling at 77mph.

Terror Realm (TR): What is your first memory of horror?

Nathan Robinson (NR): Probably Jaws. I remember being transfixed by the music and instantly pulled in. I had to watch the whole thing. I think I must have been about six or seven. Then I delved into Hammer Horror and the Universal Monsters I think after that.

TR: Who are your horror heroes and why?

Stephen King obviously. But it was Roald Dahl and Guy N Smith who were earlier influences on me. After pretty much reading everything Dahl had done, I found a battered copy of Smith’s Killer Crabs by chance at a car boot sale. I read it in a day and fell in love with horror, then went hunting for the rest of his work. You can’t beat discovering authors you love by accident. Back when I was a teenager, car boot sales were my The only choice you had was what you found. And that was part of the fun.

TR: How long have you been working in the horror industry?

“Working?” About six years now, but I still have a full-time job. I first subbed a short story when I found out my wife and I was having twins. I decided that if was going to have a go at writing, now was the time. I sent a story off, won first prize and £100. I’ve not looked back since. Invites to collections and conventions soon followed and I love it all!

TR: What has been your greatest success so far?

My short story collection, which I self-published in 2013 is my best seller at conventions. Most of the stories had been previously published and I thought I’d take a chance at self-publishing after Starers was published by Severed Press the previous year. I think having a mixed bag of horror is highly attractive to readers. I can’t wait to do another collection!

TR: Tell us about your most recent horror project.

My current project that I’m finalising my last edit before handing over to my publisher is Caldera, a pirates vs. dinosaurs adventure horror set in the South Indian Ocean. After that, it’s on with my Zombie convention novel which is promising to fun and very bloody.

TR: What advice do you have to anyone starting out in horror?

Delete your search history frequently.

Nathan Robinson's book cover. Severed Press.

Nathan Robinson’s book cover. Severed Press.

Excerpt from Caldera by Nathan Robinson:

Clinging on in the near dark, dangling by the side of this great ship in the middle of nowhere, Sami felt foolish to have such a burden around his neck. This was madness. Men must think that before they die.

This is madness.

The Captain shouted something from below, his words lost over distance and the crash of the ocean against the ship.

Keep moving up or this madness will end and then there’ll be nothing but the cold ocean to keep you company. His inner voice sounded like his father, calm and wise. He listened.

Hand over hand, foot followed foot. Concentrating on the ladder, his step and grab continued until the rail came into view. Shani’s face grinned down at him, offering a welcome hand. Sami slipped his fingers around the rail as the hands of others grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him up and over on to the deck. He felt the throb of the engine moving through the metal rail and into his bones. He was aboard. He was safe.

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