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Horror DVD & Blu-ray release (UK) – Week starting 15/02/2016

Nina Forever – Rated 18 – February 22 (DVD & Blu-ray)

British comedy horror. Following the death of his girlfriend Nina (Fiona O’Shaughnessy), Rob (Cian Barry) is grief-stricken. But after a failed suicide attempt he begins to move on from the tragedy and falls for his colleague Holly (Abigail Hardingham). When Nina comes back from the grave to haunt them during their most intimate moments Rob and Holly try to figure a way out of their predicament.

Frankenstein – Rated 18 – February 22 (DVD & Blu-ray)

A modern retelling of the Mary Shelley classic. In present-day Los Angeles eccentric scientist spouses, Doctor Viktor (Danny Huston) and Marie Frankenstein (Carrie-Anne Moss) finally succeed in creating a perfect human replica, Adam (Xavier Samuel). Their intention is to use the creature to further developments within the field of medicine. However, complications occur and Adam becomes a disfigured monster. Before he can be stopped, the creature escapes and chaos descends upon Los Angeles. Told from the viewpoint of the monster, the story raises questions surrounding discrimination, class structure and the possibility for destruction and evil inherent within us all.

Face of the Devil – Rated 15 – Foreign – February 22

Spanish documentary-style horror. A group of teenage friends travel to a hostel in the jungles of South America for a vacation. But once there, they find themselves subjected to the terror of disturbed evil spirits.

Last Stop – Rated 15 – February 22 (DVD)

Mena Suvari and Brian Austin Green star in this mystery horror. While on a break from college, ten friends head up to a cabin in the mountains of New Mexico for the weekend. When they arrive at their abandoned resort, the friends find the last occupants left in a hurry but with no fuel left to go anywhere and no phone signal they are forced to wait it out for help. But when members of the group start unexplainably vanishing in the blink of an eye the survivors begin to wish they hadn’t visited at all…

The Bloodstained Shadow – Rated 18 – Foreign – February 22 (DVD) & May 25 (Blu-ray)

Antonio Bido co-writes and directs this Italian Giallo horror set in the claustrophobic passages and waterways of the Venetian island of Murano. Upon returning home to visit his brother Paolo (Craig Hill), young professor Stefano (Lino Capolicchio) witnesses a murder one night outside his brother’s church. The pair tries to dig deeper into the mysterious killings but they are met with threatening letters warning them off unless they want to meet the same fate. As the body count continues to rise the victims all appear to be from a clandestine group who indulge in secret séances, but who is the culprit?

You Are Not Alone – Rated 15 – February 22 (DVD)

Low-budget US slasher horror. Returning home from college for the Fourth of July weekend, Natalie (Krista Dzialoszynski) looks forward to catching up with her friends and family and enjoying the celebratory fireworks. But after returning home alone from a party after the town’s curfew, Natalie finds her house has been invaded by a knife-wielding, masked maniac intent on preying on the lonesome…

Over Your Dead Body – Rated 18 – Foreign – February 22 (DVD)

Takashi Miike directs this supernatural horror feature. Miyuki Goto (Kô Shibasaki) is the lead actress in a play based on a legendary ghost story. Her character is betrayed by her husband, who murders her father to inherit the estate and then leaves her for a younger woman. Miyuki pulls some strings so her aspiring actor boyfriend Lousuke (Ebizô Ichikawa) can play the leading male role alongside her, but starts to regret her decision as their characters begin to spill over into reality with dire consequences.

Death Call – Rated 18 – February 22 (DVD)

American slasher horror about a pair of murderous brothers who pose as paramedics. The film follows brothers Jon Roy and Darryl (Kane Hodder and Bill Moseley) as they follow in their father’s footsteps and ride about town in an ambulance answering 911 calls for help. Unfortunately, for their victims, they have no intention of actually helping them but instead want to torture and kill them, just like their dad did. Will anyone survive the brothers’ wrath?

American Horror Project: Volume 1 – Rated 18 – February 22 (DVD & Blu-ray LE Boxset)

Triple bill of obscure American horrors. In ‘Malatesta’s Carnival of Blood’ (1973) the Norris family take-up work at a carnival in the hope of finding their missing son. But they soon find themselves at the mercy of the fairground’s vampiric manager and the cannibalistic ghouls that rest beneath the park. In ‘The Witch Who Came from the Sea’ (1976) Mollie (Millie Perkins) takes revenge for the child abuse she suffered at the hands of her father by going on a murderous rampage of revenge against men. In ‘The Premonition’ (1976) a foster mother is forced to use her telekinetic powers to locate her missing daughter who has been taken by a woman claiming to be her long-lost biological mother.

Z Nation: Season Two – Rated 18 – February 22 (DVD & Blu-ray)

All 15 episodes from the second season of the US zombie adventure. Set three years into a zombie apocalypse, a group of survivors transports the only known survivor of a zombie attack, Murphy (Keith Allan), from New York to the last known research lab in California in the hope of finally developing a cure to the deadly ZN1 virus. In this series, Citizen Z (DJ Qualls) reveals Murphy (Keith Allan)’s identity and offers a bounty to ensure his safe travel to California, sparking a manhunt for the survivor. The episodes are: ‘The Murphy’, ‘White Light’, ‘Batch 47’, ‘Zombaby!’, ‘Zombie Baby Daddy’, ‘Down the Mississippi’, ‘The Collector’, ‘RoZwell’, ‘We Were Nowhere Near the Grand Canyon’, ‘Corporate Retreat’, ‘Party With the Zeros’, ‘Adiós, Muchachos’, ‘Day One’ and ‘All Good Things Must Come to an End’.

The Evil of Frankenstein – Rated 12 – February 22 (DVD)

Classic horror starring Peter Cushing. Penniless, Baron Frankenstein (Cushing), accompanied by his eager assistant Hans (Sandor Eles), arrives at his family castle near the town of Karlstaad, vowing to continue his experiments in the creation of life. Fortuitously finding the creature he was previously working on, he brings it back to a semblance of life but requires the services of a mesmerist, Zoltan (Peter Woodthorpe), to successfully animate it. The greedy and vengeful Zoltan secretly sends the monster into town to steal gold and ‘punish’ the burgomaster and the chief of police, which acts lead to a violent confrontation between the baron and the townspeople.

List source: BVA