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5 Crazy Moments From ‘American Horror Story’ So Far

Since the release of the first series back in 2011, American Horror Story has covered multiple storylines including witches, lunatic asylums and most recently vampires in “Hotel“. Over the last 5 years, we’ve experienced many repulsing and mind-boggling scenes, it’s hard to think that a man such as Ruan Murphy could come up with these strange fantasies. Here we look at five, at least, events that stuck in our minds – spoilers ahead for those who haven’t yet caught up.

Image Credit: FX - The Addiction Demon

Image Credit: FX – The Addiction Demon

The Addiction Demon was introduced during the first episode of Hotel – “Checking In”. He is a mysterious figure who haunts to Hotel Cortez. According to the original hotel owner Mr. James March (Evan Peters), The Addiction Demon is the creation of Sally and the other drug-fuelled inhabitants, feeding off various victims and using his conical drill bit dildo to assault his prey. In this scene he appears and starts to assault a new guest, all whilst Sally watches on and says “Tell me you love me.” You don’t want to be caught with your pants down.

Image Credit: FX - The Rubberman and Vivien

Image Credit: FX – The Rubberman and Vivien

The Rubberman appears early on in the first season though the viewer isn’t sure who’s wearing the suit during each appearance. In the episode “Pilot”, Vivien (Connie Britton) suspects that the rubber wearing figure is her husband Ben (Dylan McDermott), but it isn’t until later in the season that the viewer finds out she was in fact raped by another ghostly occupant of the house.

Image Credit: FX - Lana Winters

Image Credit: FX – Lana Winters portrayed by Sarah Paulson

In the episode “The Coat Hanger” from the second season, finding out that she’s pregnant, Lana attempts to self-abort inside her room in the middle of the night with a coat hanger. During her struggle blood pours out onto the floor in one of the starkest abortion scenes to ever appear on TV. Needless to say that it failed.

Image Credit: FX - Moira O'Hara portrayed by Alexandra Breckenridge

Image Credit: FX – Moira O’Hara portrayed by Alexandra Breckenridge

In “Open House” of season one, Moira (Alexandra Breckenridge) invites a guest of the house over for another seduction session, leading him into the infamous basement. She bites off his penis during fellatio and Larry (Denis O’Hare) asphyxiates him with a plastic bag from behind as Constance (Jessica Lange) watches. Moira earns some respect from Constance, who tells Larry to remove the body from the property before he dies and ends up sticking around permanently.

Image Credit: FX - The Countess portrayed by Lady Gaga and Donovan portrayed by Matt Bomer.

Image Credit: FX – The Countess portrayed by Lady Gaga and Donovan portrayed by Matt Bomer.

Last but not least we return to Hotel and episode “Checking In“. Donovan and The Countess lure an unsuspecting couple back to the Hotel Cortez for a night to remember – at least for one pair. Not long after the festivities begin, the pair slit the throats of their partners whilst riding atop and feast upon them – that’s one way to pleasure yourselves I suppose.

These are just a handful of scenes that stuck in our minds, but there’s plenty more! What other scenes do you think qualify for the ‘crazy’ trophy?

  • Sarah Fairclough

    Oh my god , the coat hanger scene – that will stay with me forever 🙁 Made me cringe so bad!

  • I was aghast when Lana was suckled by Thredson and again when Queenie pleasured herself to seduce Bastien.