‘Fear The Walking Dead’: Wrath (2.14) recap

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Here is the recap on the latest from AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead – Episode 14: Wrath. This piece is an overall recap of the episodes events, therefore, it will contain spoilers. Please be aware of this before continuing to read on.


Ofelia has broken down in the stolen truck, with steam going everywhere, she inspects under the hood. With her attention elsewhere, a walker sneaks up beside her, startling her. With a grapple and a clumsy payoff, Ofelia is free of the walker and its gnashing teeth as she climbs back into the truck. The silence is short, as more reach through the window to grasp at her flesh. She beats them to the ground with a hammer as her weapon of choice. Looking in to the distance, she sees a sea of walkers approaching her. Quick decisions lead her to abandon the car and set out on foot.

Nick and Luciana are asleep within the ol’ Colonia’s walls. He awakes and begins to sneak around the old shanty town. Collecting some meds from the pharmacy, he and his new amigo make their way through the make-shift bus barrier, into the undead infested areas.

Arriving at the Cartel controlled warehouse, they are met with guns and apprehension. Let’s be honest, they all know they’re walking into a trap. The Cartel are discussing how to get into the Colonia, when they bump into Nick. Nick explains he know they found the old town and prepares to strike a deal. Things turn sour, as they explain they don’t need his ‘shit’ anymore. They explain how their former enemies are now their partners, as they want the fortress that is the Colonia, which the Cartel are willing to give them. Showing him the bodies of the family from the previous episode, he tells Nick to relay a message “leave now, or die”.


Madison is trying to convince Travis that he did the right thing by letting Chris go with the gang of killers. Alicia arrives with food service for Travis, who still seems to be in the same place Madison left him. Opening the curtains to let the sunlight bleach the room, Alicia apologises as she feels she made Chris worse than what he could have been. Explaining his own remorse for not protecting Alicia, we see the situation regarding Travis start to look on the brighter side.

Back where all the new visitors are being kept, Madison bumps into the guys from the group Chris was left in. They explain they were in a car accident, that the driver didn’t make it. Madison puts two and two together and knew that the person behind the wheel was more than likely Chris, who may now be dead. Struggling with her new information, she asks Strand for information on how to deal with this situation. Strand tries to convince her that telling Travis of his son’s demise, will be better for him, it will give him hope.

Nick tells Luciana about the Cartel finding the Colonia. They rush to tell the good doctor and as they are trying to devise a plan, one of the patients re-animates and attacks the group. He bites the Dr and another patient before Nick downs him by gouging through his eye sockets. Another sacrifice is taking place for everyone who was bitten during the hospital accident. Everyone except the Dr that is, who seems to have not notified anyone of his bite. Nick being in the know, notes how he’s worried about time, he is either referring to the Cartel’s arrival or how much time the Dr has left himself.


Madison is leading the two boys, who were with Chris, to the gates to get rid of them before they cause any more trouble. Travis spots their departure through the hotel window and rushes to see whether his son is among them. Realising the truth, he slowly approaches the two boys to question them about the location of his now missing son. This will lead to only violence and, quite possibly, wrath – thus linking to the episodes title.

Back at the Colonia, Nick outs the Dr as a fraud to Luciana. He tells her how he is not, in fact, immune and that he told the lie to get people to rally behind him. Claiming his lie has saved more than it has lost, he pleads with Luciana for her to stay with him. Knowing the truth, she simply replies “No”, thus possibly sealing the fate of the Dr far sooner than we previously had thought. Refusing to leave with Nick, she tries to defend the faith that this lie has spread throughout the community. I doubt this faith will last long as soon as the Dr keels over and comes back with a taste for flesh.

Ofelia is out in the blistering sun, looking for any place to call home. No such luck as they desert seems to stretch for miles and miles, with cacti and dust speckling the vast distance. With no civilisation to be seen, she trudges on through the sand. After what seems to be an extremely long walk, an exhausted Ofelia is hears shots ring out around her feet. Fearing the worst, she flees and hides amongst the over growth. A man dressed suspiciously like a hunter approaches her, and welcomes her into America.


Back at the hotel, tensions are rising as Travis confront the two boys. They medically attend to Brendan before he grips him to inflict pain when he doesn’t answer. They say there was banditos on the highway, wasted everywhere, when Chris volunteered to drive the van. Claiming he must have fallen asleep at the wheel, the truck flips and they claim Chris went through the windshield. Claiming he broke his neck going through the glass, they say he was dead.

Their stories seem to not add up, as Derek claims that they pulled him from the truck, after previously saying that he was thrown through the glass. Knowing they must have done something to him, he locks the door leaving himself alone in the room with the boys. Beating the boys till bloodied, they promise to tell him what happened. They put him down which they claim they had to do. We see Chris crawl out of the truck, leg broken and bloody. He crawls as the other approach behind him, shotgun in hand. The camera pans and Chris is shot dead.

Travis goes into a fury filled rage as he beats the boys across the entire room. Leaving splatter everywhere, he almost suffocates Derek before throwing him through a window. He begins to stamp on the unconscious Brendan, leaving him dead in a pool of his own blood.