‘Fear The Walking Dead’: Pillar of Salt (2.12) recap

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Here is the recap on the latest from AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead – Episode 12: Pillar of Salt. This piece is an overall recap of the episodes events, therefore, it will contain spoilers. Please be aware of this before continuing to read on.


We start with a family who look to be trying to escape the old town because ‘it’s not safe here anymore’. They run towards the school bus of death to make their escape by bloodying themselves up with walker innards. They slowly make their way through the vast sea of roaming undead to what they believe to be safety. That safety is short-lived when wheels screech and a truck with guys pull up with guns in hand. It’s the cartel who recognise their faces from the many at the old town, pushing for an answer, they Cartel then don’t believe the family’s story about fleeing the Colonia.

All hope is not lost on the Ofelia front as we soon see her character, who is very much not dead, re-emerge on the sea front away from the safety of the hotel. She has a flashback to simpler times, before the outbreak, when she was sat at lunch with her husband to be discussing a big move for job opportunity. Cut back to the present and she’s the one who stole the truck as she tries to siphon gas from a station that’s all but dried up.


At the hotel, the new partnership is working well as they are all banding together to get the hotel up and working like a well-oiled machine. Things are starting to seem more like home as we see Alicia practicing her surfing techniques. Talking to Hector, we find out his brother is a part of the Cartel in Tijuana. All hell breaks loose as Eileen stabs Strand for ‘getting rid of her daughter’. Strand calls for Madison as everyone crowds around trying to help him and stitch the wound. Medicine is hard to come by and Strand seems to be in trouble when the gang don’t have the correct kind, prompting a trip to outside the hotel grounds. Eileen however, is on permanent lock down after her attack for fear of her striking again.


In the Colonia, Nick and Luciana are awoken half nude to the news that the family has fled, they think it’s a reaction from finding out her brother is dead. The good Dr is dully informed of the family’s departure which sparks a congregation to be called in which he tries to let the people of the Colonia know that beyond the walls, there is only death. Noticing a change in his attitude, Nick notes how the Dr seems to be showing signs of illness with growing concern. The Dr states that nobody is to leave the town, a stick no-one in and no-one out policy.


Hector and Elena have a brief fight about the fact she is going to the Cartel warehouse, where hectors brother is located. This puts the two separate parties closer than ever but unless Nick and Luciana break the curfew, they will not have a chance of bumping into each other. Nick pleads for them to go to the meet, but his new girlfriend puts her foot down, claiming she is the boss now. Nick goes to see the Dr to convince him to make the trade which is met with questions of loyalty. In this moment we can see Nick judging whether he trusts this man or not, or whether he really is just a cultist.

At the Warehouse, Madison and Elena are permitted entry, but the male is barred and made to wait till they are back, hopefully with good news. The deal seems to be going well until Madison overhears the Cartel interrogating the family that fled the Colonia. They mention an Americana boy with ratty hair who brings them drugs. With bells going off in her head, Madison interrupts the questioning which leads to the deal going sour. This outburst may not only cost the hotel group, but it may also affect the safety of the Colonia.

Nursing Strand whilst the others are at the Warehouse, Alicia is blunt about the possible outcome of Strands condition, leading him to comment on how abysmal her bed-side manner is. Alicia explains what she meant by how she raised herself. She made the point that her addict brother and alcoholic father needed the attention from her mother, not her, so she never received any.


Nick is wandering around the Colonia and stands to stare off into the distance. A disturbance attracts his attention and he is spotted by the Cartel who are lingering nearby. This is the beginning of a possible deadly conflict for Nick and the rest of the Colonia, at a time when they are possibly at their weakest. Ofelia is once again living in her past as she has conversations with her mother about what life they want for her. She notes how she would have done anything for her and her father, for them to not live in fear. The sweet moment of love is shattered as we are brought back to the present as she kisses the cross and drives away.

Madison turns on the power, alerting the group downstairs and possibly the rest of the nearby people of their presence in the hotel. Alicia runs to stop her from any further acts of idiocy when Madison explains she’s doing it for Nick – in case he changed his mind. Questioning her mother, Alicia asks why Nick is still her top priority when he chose to leave whilst she has been by her side the entire time. With her priorities challenged, Madison accepts the criticism and the lights on the hotel go out. In the distance we see the red lights fade into the darkness as Travis looks on.