‘Fear The Walking Dead’: Pablo & Jessica (2.11) recap

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Here is the recap on the latest from AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead – Episode 11: Pablo & Jessica. This piece is an overall recap of the episodes events, therefore, it will contain spoilers. Please be aware of this before continuing to read on.


Madison and strand are surrounded by walkers in the bar as they try to fight their way through, hearing Alicia crying for her mom. Taking a leaf out of Nick’s book, Madison cuts open the stomach of a downed walker in attempts to hide their smell. Covered head to toe in human insides, they wade through the sea of now passive walkers to not only find shelter and safety but to find Alicia and Ofelia.

Running out to the quad, they find the van gone and have to improvise their escape by climbing the scaffolding to reach the hallway part of the hotel. Contemplating the fate of her daughter, the pair takes a minute to rest after the intense five minutes they just survived.

Thumping on the door prompts them to Alicia’s presence and the new addition to the team who bursts in and we see the very moment we left with on last week’s episode. Noticing Ofelia is not along the group, Madison suggests going after her which Strand is dead set against. To me it looks like the TV show is just giving up on her character and assuming we will just let her existence fade away which is disappointing. We still do not know what her fate is and if she is in fact dead.

Madison and Strand confront the ‘other guests’ who devise a partnership to work together, start over and make a home here at the hotel. This new beginning starts with clearing the dead, which includes the bride and the father of the bride who are both zombified. Claiming they will only help if Elena is gone, Madison tries to convince the others that Elena did what she thought was right at the time and that the sickness was the one that killed their loved ones, not Elena.


In the old town, Nick is trying to make up for screwing up the trade by getting all Walter white on us and mixing up the drugs in an attempt to prolong the supplies. Working hard at trying to impress the shady Dr we find out more about his backstory. Nick doubts that the Dr was bitten and somehow survived – which let’s be honest, we all doubt.

With the pill supply underway and the replica pills looking pretty good, Nick is ready to go out and trade when the good Dr shows off his walker ‘bite mark’ which he received whilst trying to fend off attackers. I’m still not entirely convinced in this miracle recovery from something we all know to be fatal.

Football time with the kids comes to a quick end when they see a bloodied man approach the Dr with bad news to share. They’ve found Pablo dead, Luciana’s brother who just happens to be the first namesake of this episode. Nick and her share a moment when she tells him the whereabouts of her family and how Pablo helped her through their deaths.


Back at the hotel, one floor has been cleared out but at the rate they are going by, it will take weeks to clear the entire hotel. Everyone is pitching in together in this newly founded partnership. After a motherly heart to heart, Alicia wades into the breaking waves and points out the riptide sign, noting how they would have an easier way to clear out the walkers.

Preparations to flush out the dead are underway as they go over the plan one last time. Alicia plays music on her iPhone, (which somehow magically still has battery – nope I’m not having that, apple is not THAT good), to draw out the walkers to the pier.

A stream of walkers in tow, the gang make it to the pier and the plan is well underway. Madison is goading them down to the very end of the pier whilst everyone else runs to the dinghy. The dead are fast approaching and Madison is running out of pier, she turns and runs to fling herself off the edge to the safety of the boat.


Back over to Nick and he is getting rewards for his mixology with the pills by being gifted his very own caravan from the Dr. – is this just to butter him up or an actual show of gratitude? Nick has a midnight visitor who questions his knowledge of Spanish and laughs at his ‘clean socks’ translation. The pair seem to be bonding more and more each episode, which I’m happy to see. Although she is a believer of this so called miracle, she seems to be on par with Nick which is something we haven’t come across yet.


Dinner is served over at the hotel but a few guests are missing. Strand goes in search for the groom, who is stood outside a room which contains his zombified bride Jessica – the other namesake of the episode. Strand begs the groom to let him help her, to help her pass on and make it easier for the groom to move on. Scanning the card, Strand enters the room and the screen cuts to black.