‘Fear The Walking Dead’: North (2.15) recap

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Here is the recap on the latest from AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead – Episode 15: North. This piece is an overall recap of the episodes events, therefore, it will contain spoilers. Please be aware of this before continuing to read on. This is the season finale for Fear The Walking Dead season two.


The aftermath of Travis’ rage is upon us in the opening scene. Travis is in a catatonic state as people are smashing their way through into the room he killed the boys in. He is dragged out by the other guests, as they are following the rules set by Madison, to get rid of anyone who kills. Elena is treating someone who was wounded in the fallout of the incident and Madison goes back to finish off the boys, making sure they don’t re-animate. Hate and rage fills her face, alerting us to what is to come.

Strand tries to confront the Elena on why Travis is being exiled, despite it being her own decree. Strand makes it clear, he agrees with the other guests, and that he cannot stay in the hotel. Alicia suggests leaving with him, rather than letting him die alone on the outside. Strand, unhappy with the idea depicts it as suicide to go out there, noting he won’t die for Travis or anyone else.

Oscar is unconscious as Madison approaches Elena to tell them of their plans to leave with him. They agree to leave at dawn as Madison visits Travis, who is still in a distressed, emotionless state. Alicia goes to check on Oscar, to make sure it all doesn’t end worse than it already will do. Madison tells him of their planned departure and he is released to spend the night with his family before they are all exiled.

Luciana is treating the Dr, trying to make him presentable so the rest of the town people won’t know he is dying from a bite, of which they think he’s immune to. Nick runs to find Luciana, to try and get her to leave with him. He explains how when a safe place is compromised, you move on to the next. She accepts her fate of being slaughtered and calls Nick a boy who runs, noting his cowardice.


The Dr is up and walking, feigning health whilst not fooling anyone. He gathers the townsfolk to tell the of their coming evil, the fast approaching Cartel members who will likely butcher them. Focusing on their new destiny which await them, he tells them how they will defend their homes because they have something more powerful than guns or bullets, they have faith. Nick is departing as he sees a helicopter in the distance, looking through his binoculars he sees an airport or airbase in the distance, possibly a new place to go despite it looking occupied.

Oscar is still out cold as Alicia comes to see him. Oscar’s eyes are dilating, showing pressure on the brain which needs treatment to remove some of his skull. Alicia wanting to help, is rebuffed by the pair caring for Oscar, as they now see her as the enemy who allowed Travis to do this.

Madison and Travis talk over their own killer instincts that they acted upon. Madison tells him of her own vicious actions, to match that of Travis’. Together they plan on facing the outside world. Things look to have gotten worse for Oscar as they plunge a knife into his skull, killing him. The brother goes to the room in the dead of the night to beat Travis. Madison pleads to let them go as a gun is pulled on Travis. Tension builds as Madison and Alicia fight for them to not kill Travis. Alicia lunges and stabs the gunman, killing him. They launch an attack on the entire family before Strand intervenes.

Knowing they will be killed if they stay Madison and her family run off to the courtyard to flee the now unsafe hotel. Strand holds back and Madison realises he won’t be coming with them. Is he sacrificing himself? They will surely hurt him if he stays. They crash through the gates of the hotel and flee into the darkness of the night sky.


The Dr is getting sicker by the minute as Nick arrives at his door, clearly not having left. Helping him crush up OXY, he asks the Dr if he is afraid to die, either from the virus or the Cartel. Nick tells him of the airport and the med-evac helicopter. He promises nobody will find out from the town and that he can die a beautiful death.

Madison and crew come upon the Cartel owned warehouse, however it happens to be empty. Noting how there was once 100 people here, she says how it’s strange they just upped and left. She comes across the bodies of the family she saw when she was last here, the ones being questioned about Colonia and Nick. Alicia walks in on them searching the bodies of the dead.

The Cartel have arrived and it’s not a moment too soon. They breach the walls into the infected zone where the sacrifices take place and approach the bus gateway towards the safety. Thinking Nick took his advice on running, the Cartel leader directs the march into the town which now seems abandoned. Guns drawn, they proceed into the square where we see the Dr hiding. The Dr pushes himself onto the bus gangway and slumps at the wheel. Turning the key he revs the bus, which alerts the members of the Cartel. Rolling it out of the gap in the fence, he frees all the un-dead as the virus starts to take over him.

The Cartel fire upon the swarms of walkers which are fast approaching the gang. Fear flashes in the leader’s eyes as the shots ring out. Cut to music and the townsfolk are walking through a deserted town with suitcases in tow. Families and friends out in the world on their way towards the occupied airport.


Reaching the Colonia, Madison and Travis walk through the place that moments ago seemed to look like a war-zone. Now deadly silent, Alicia approaches the bus which the Dr used to sabotage the Cartels take-over of Colonia. The un-dead are in full force, with new additions of Cartel members, Travis and Madison retreat to the safety of the bus. They find Alicia tending to the Dr who looks to be in bad shape. Madison asks about Nick, which the Dr replies to. “Border, he saw something” he whispers as he takes his last breath.

Nick and the townsfolk are approaching the airport, wading through the sea of cars to get to their destination. He looks through his binoculars to see some kind of refugee camp where the helicopter is circling. They note it will only be a few hours walk as they are shot upon and Luciana is hit. The unknown shooters came out of nowhere. Time slows down, Madison ends the Dr’s suffering as Nick and Luciana are surrounded by men wearing gear similar to the hunter in the previous episode. They kick and throw the pair around until we flick back to Madison, who now knows a general direction of where Nick may be.