‘Fear The Walking Dead’: Los Muertos (2.09) recap

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Here is the recap on the latest from AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead – Episode 9 Los Muertos. This piece is an overall recap of the episodes events, therefore, It will contain spoilers.  Please be aware of this before continuing to read on.

The Sacrifice

In this new town Nick has found himself in, we find out that it may not be as idyllic as what it seems to be. Upon waking to a very loud, bloody mouthed bed neighbour, Nick ventures out into the fine city ‘where the dead are not monsters’. He comes across a little girl weeping inconsolably pointing towards her Papa. Her Papa seems to be up on the menu as he is sentenced to death by sacrifice by entering a crude make-shift bus gateway into a compound full of walkers. Chanting along like a cult, the rest of the village watch as he is eaten alive and Nick watches on, stunned.

The Search Party

Still in search for Nick, who I will come to call Carl if he carries on running off everywhere, Madison and crew have searched all manner of direction until they finally give in and decide to head back to the Abigail. You remember the Abigail right? Big bloody boat, can’t miss it. Well, the gang have only gone and lost it now haven’t they. Realising that Nick doesn’t want to be found, they decide to head for safe ground seeing as they can’t just go walking into the ocean.

The Safe Zone

Now in the beach hotel, Strand, Madison and crew are searching for supplies when they split up to be more efficient, much to Madison’s dismay. Finding that someone has been there previously and marked all of the infected rooms with ‘do not disturb’ signs, things look like they are about to pick up. That is until the girls start to have a darker conversation in which we question Ofelia’s state of mind and how shes coping after Daniel’s apparent death at his own hands.

The Swindler

‘Why me?’ Nick asks, ‘Because you won’t be missed’ his new friend replies. After a brief shopping trip in trade of some OXY, Nick once again lands himself in some deep trouble when he steals a pack of candy from drug runners. No Bueno. With a machete to his wrist, he somehow worms his way out of being a one-handed jack by using his translator to smack talk his attacker into backing down. A quick high after his success of getting another water carton is swiftly followed by fear as they realise the cartel are following them back to their town, something that has never happened before.

The Tequila Slammers

After an in depth, drunken heart to heart between Strand and Madison. Things take a bizarre turn when Madison, clearly full of frustration, starts taking it all out of the bars glassware. Strand begins to out of tune play the piano as we pan out to see walkers being alerted to the melody. Things start to turn even stranger when Alicia looks out from the balcony to see walkers falling from great heights, only to get back up and begin their long walk to the bar, the very same where Strand and Madison are drunkenly taking their woes out on the furniture.

The Solution

The good doctor has been injecting people with saline solution instead of medicine as we first thought. He claims people are surviving on faith alone and that the righteous will outlast death, they will survive the infection whether they have been bitten or not. He seems to be a darker character than first thought as he threatens Nick with being fed to the walkers if he puts anyone in danger again. At a congregation, he expresses his belief that they will survive this and the world will be reborn. From death, we come and to death, we will deliver ourselves.

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