‘Fear The Walking Dead’: Do Not Disturb (2.10) recap

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Here is the recap on the latest from AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead – Episode 10 ‘Do Not Disturb’. This piece is an overall recap of the episodes events, therefore, it will contain spoilers. Please be aware of this before continuing to read on.


We begin this week’s episode with a wedding which Elena is working at. Paper ribbons adorn the walls and there are flowers as far as the eye can see. However, newlywed bliss looks like it will be short lived when we find out the ‘sickness’, that we all know far too well, seems to be spreading quickly with talks of closing the borders. New information in mind, the bride’s parents decide to end the wedding early, but not before the father-daughter dance. Twirling and swirling come to an abrupt end when the father falls down, seemingly succumbing to the virus. The daughter who has taken it upon herself to try resuscitate her dad gets a chomp to the neck as he turns and re-animates. The wedding turns into chaos with Elena and the other staff fleeing and locking the rest of the wedding party with the zombified father of the bride.


We finally get a look at Travis and Chris out in the blazing sun with a limp to boot. Equipped with a knife Chris goes to investigate a nearby diner and steals other survivors water and supplies after a close shave with some roamers. Leaving them to fend off the remaining walkers, he runs back to the car where he and his father speed off in the car. The day seems to have progressed and evening is quickly approaching upon the pair. On the road again, Travis teaches Chris to drive and expresses how he feels that somewhere, somehow, someone is working on a cure and things will go back to how they used to be. Running out of gas, the pair pulls up on the side of the road and start a campfire to starve off the cold, hoping there’s nothing lurking in the darkness.

Sat by the campfire, Chris and Travis talk through their plans of where to go next when they see vans headlights coming up on the horizon. It’s the same people who Chris stole from earlier in the day. They approach and claim to come in peace, praising Chris for his bad-assery’ earlier on – of which they seem impressed by.


Back at the hotel, Alicia is hiding in a room counting the walkers that pass by her peephole. One too many glances get her noticed by a not so friendly passer-by who proceeds to slam and grumble through the wooden door. This is where we left last week’s episode, Alicia, alone and barricaded in a room, Ofelia seemingly missing and Madison and Strand surrounded in the bar.

Coming out of her room, Alicia finds herself in a narrow corridor with her at one end and a bunch of walkers at the other. Still looking for Ofelia but nowhere to run, she pries open the elevator shaft, jumps and clings onto the wires. A near miss with a walker, which falls down the long drop, alerts the attention of Elena, who has been living in the hotel this whole time. Elena helps Alicia from her almost definite death but the friendly gesture is over quickly when Alicia is pinned under a fire axe and questioned by her so-called saviour.

We find out that Elena is the one using the ‘do not disturb’ signs to mark the rooms with infected inside. She has been moving the dead around the hotel to keep herself safe from the other guests, who seem to have it in for her ever since the sickness took over. She’s looking for her nephew, Hector, who has been missing for a while and she thinks was taken to draw her out and make her hand over the keys to the others. She explains that keys to the hotel = control of the hotel.

Trying to help Elena with moving the dead to try to find their missing counterparts, Alicia gets cornered by walkers and is forced onto a balcony. Elena comes to the rescue with a bed sheet, just in time to pull her across when the windows break, letting all the walkers onto the balcony. Moving through the hotel, working their way down to the main lobby, they find the wedding reception – still decorated with white ribbons and blood. Showing her remorse for her actions, she admits locking the party in on themselves to try to protect the rest of the hotel.


Reluctantly agreeing to a ride to the next town along, Chris and Travis discuss the problem that is their new found friends. Travis finds himself wondering where they managed to get all of their supplies, how they managed to survive for so long and whether they are in fact the good people they make themselves out to be. Thinking back to earlier in the episode, I do recall seeing a few bodies on the floor of that diner.

As daylight rolls around, Travis, Chris and their new found ‘friends’ come up on a farm. Wanting to make this new place home, Travis tries to convince Chris that it should just be the two of them, not a group as Chris suggests. The group stumble upon a barn filled to bursting with chickens, which they then try to catch, as Travis continues his search on the outside of the farm. Finding make-shift graves from the Suarez family dotted around, Travis realises that this farm may indeed already be claimed, putting the group in danger.


Finding the bar doors blocked off, the ‘other guests’ arrive with Hector as a prisoner demanding the keys to the hotel. We find out the ‘other guests’ happen to be the mother of the bride, the groom and a few others who could possibly be wedding guests who claim Elena is a ‘monster’ for what she did. Alicia tries to stop Elena from handing over the keys but they instead release the bar zombies onto the others. The pair flees to try to find Madison and Strand, banging on all the doors and trying to find safety. One well-chosen thump to a door and Alicia is greeted by her mother who pulls her towards safety.


A stand-off ensues at the barn as the not so good guys and the lands owner, presumably Mr.Suarez pull guns on each other. A language barrier makes the situation worse as Travis tries his hardest to mediate in his terribly broken Spanish. The music heightens and the tensions rise as people start to get more and more frustrated, becoming more unsure of the opponents actions. A gunshot sounds off and Chris is the one with the smoking gun and a sadistic smile plastered on his face. Travis, who thought that there may have been a way back for Chris, soon realises he’s a lost cause.