‘Fear The Walking Dead’: Date of Death (2.13) recap

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Here is the recap on the latest from AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead – Episode 13: Date of Death. This piece is an overall recap of the episodes events, therefore, it will contain spoilers. Please be aware of this before continuing to read on.


Feet are crushing in on each other, people are pulling all their belongings. The aftermath of Madison turning on the power is upon us. Banging down the door, Madison realises her mistake as the other side eye her in return. Travis pushes his way through the group of wanderers to come face to face with his long lost wife.

Flashback and we are back to the moments following the shootout in the barn. Compressing the victims leg wound trying to keep him alive, Travis runs off into the house to find supplies to stitch up the entrance and exit wounds. Screams crack through the summer air as Travis tries his best to sew up the hashed wound. Sometime seems to have passed after they agree they should stay until James recovers as we see Travis making good use of his time by burying who I assume to be Mr. Sanchez, Chris’ victim from the shootout. By the fireside, they sit and eat chicken as Travis notes how killing a man has not affected Chris’ appetite. Chris admits he’s not sorry for what he did, for murdering the land owner in cold blood. He claims he did what he had to do to protect someone who he hasn’t known for more than 24hrs.

Back to the present, Travis is at the gate as Madison pleads the gang to let Travis inside. Pushing and shoving comes to an end as he eases his way through a tight gap they made him, leaving the rest of the people on the outside. Madison has a heart to heart with her husband, telling him about Nick being AWOL and she asks after Chris, of which we as the viewers are still uncertain.


We are back at the farm with Travis, Chris and the barbaric group. They have a plan to go to San Diego, despite what Travis has previously told them about it being burned to the ground. With Chris refusing to back up his claims, the group continue with their plan to trek to San Diego, with James still wounded. Out in the sunlight, Travis continues his work on the cross for the dead man who we find to name As Suarez which is holding up the leaving party. Tensions grow as Travis gets angrier and angrier by the minute. He asks the date to be able to etch it onto the cross, thus giving us the meaning of the episode title.

In the truck, James is writhing in pain as the truck drives along. Travis screams for them to stop the truck as James passes out with a weak pulse. I can see where this is going. They’ll ditch him or kill him, like the barbarians they are with Chris joining in. Travis walks in on such a conversation as they are trying to figure out a way to ‘sort out’ James. Travis snatches a gun as the other goad him into shooting them. He narrowly misses them as a warning shot, which startles them into submission.

Travis tells James about the others plan to kill him. James retells the story of their friend they lost at the beginning of the outbreak, who didn’t want to turn into a walker. When the time came, the friend got nervous and pleaded for them to not kill him. James then admits to taking the gun, apologising and shooting his friend dead so he wouldn’t suffer.


A knock on the door comes and its Chris. He’s brought food and Travis searches him for a weapon to make sure he won’t put down James. The camera focuses on the food, making me wonder about the contents of it and if it has been tampered with. Chris has a deep chat with Travis about the meaning of why Travis wants James to live, all seeming too good to be true, he grabs his father as the other barge through the door. Pinning Travis to the floor, James begs for mercy as his ‘friend’ Brandon shoots him dead. Two deaths in the matter of 7 days, with the way it’s going, these guys won’t be around much longer.

Chris starts to pack up the truck as he and the group, minus Travis, are heading to San Diego. Travis runs after the pick-up, begging for him to stay but he’s left in the dust the truck kicks up on the dirt path. His son is gone and has joined a group that are fine with killing the living. He starts his long journey into the overgrowth trying to find his way to the ocean. He tells Madison that he reached the ocean, as soon as he went to walk towards it, he saw the lights of the hotel lit up from Madison’s big error.


Second guessing his judgement in the part he played in the James situation, he brings up the time that Chris threatened Alicia back at the compound. Reflecting on how good Chris used to be, how he had such a big heart until their family broke up. He harboured so much hate for his father because he and his mother had moved apart.

Madison goes to find the rest of the group, who have let in the wanderers, 43 of them. She finds Alicia tending to the wounded, or maybe checking none of the 43 are infected behind large white sheets. They walk over to the pier whilst Madison tries to explain the circumstances surrounding Alicia’s father’s death. Telling her that he crashed his car on purpose, instead of the story she has been told about him falling asleep, Alicia questions how they can be certain. Her false hope is shattered when her mother tells her of a notes he left, implying his suicide in a very matter of fact way reading “I love you all, but enough is enough”. Nick is the reason why this was kept a secret for so long. Madison was afraid he would end up like his father, thus keeping a dreadful secret from him.

The episode ends with a quick ten second shot of someone approaching the now locked gates of the hotel. ‘Hola’ they cry in an attempt to garner attention. Its only when the camera pans upwards that we see the face of one of the barbaric gang – Brandon – but we are unable to see if Chris is with him.