Deadsville by Dale Ester and T.D. Trask review

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Deadsville isn’t like any other horror anthology you may have read. Set in the town of Rock Creek, a home to some but a danger to many, it follows tells the eerie stories of several of its inhabitants. The name Deadsville comes from those that live within its boundaries – chosen or otherwise. Containing 13 short stories, the book covers a variety of horror related topics including but not limited to the supernatural, religion and inevitably – zombies.

Dale Ester and T.D. Trask do an excellent job of starting and ending each of their stories and considering the shortness, I’m surprised that the characters have been fleshed out well and their stories convincing. Many short horror stories fail to capture their readers at the start, everything about the Deadsville stories grasp you. The great thing? Many of the characters within the stories are – in some ways – relatable. You know a similar person who lives in your town, who you work with, live with – but whether they’re as evil, deluded or downright gory is for you to decide.

Some stories are better than others, but that doesn’t mean that some of them are worth any less. In fact, the rise and fall in the storytelling break the fluidity and gives your mind a rest from the gorier or heart racing stories. One minute you’re reading a light horror tale and the next you’re thrown head first into a twisted and dark tale.

The authors stories also contain an abundance of twists in the tale, again, surprising considering the shortness of each tale. I was at the edge of my seat reading.

Deadsville is available on Kindle or as a paperback on Amazon for under £2 and $2 respectively.

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  • WOW – terrific review, Amber! THANK YOU for reading, and for the kind words. I’m so thrilled you enjoyed your stay in…Deadsville!