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The Conjuring 2 (2016) review

James Wan once again avoids the second-installment curse, creating what might be the best horror sequel since Scream 2. A remarkable addition to his resume puts Wan one step closer to cementing himself on the Mount Rushmore of horror directors. The Conjuring 2 is a

Deadsville by Dale Ester and T.D. Trask review

Deadsville isn’t like any other horror anthology you may have read. Set in the town of Rock Creek, a home to some but a danger to many, it follows tells the eerie stories of several of its inhabitants. The name Deadsville comes from those that

Hush (2016) review

A thrilling breath of fresh air, suspense-horror Hush­—premiering at South by Southwest and released for streaming on Netflix shortly after—puts a twist on the home-invasion slasher niche. Sensational pacing, memorable performances, and top-notch production highlight this indie sleeper hit that’s charged with exciting action and

Feast (2005) review

Synopsis: A group of bar patrons are confronted with a horrifying “family” of monsters. Horror tropes are turned on their head with unexpected deaths, ridiculous comedy, and horrible monster sex. I saw the first Feast movie quite a while ago, maybe three years or so ago. I

Consumed by Love by P.K. Tyler review

  Consumed by Love is a short story (46 pages) that looks at how a loving couple deal with the husband’s transition after the loss of his father. We don’t know what the husband is transitioning into exactly, but from telephone calls with his sister