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5 Essential Tales from the Crypt Episodes

The ultra-campy and delightfully ghoulish horror anthology series Tales from the Crypt, featuring the pun-slinging host Crypt Keeper and an impressive list of guest stars (Christopher Reeve, Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks, Kirk Douglas, Adam West, Brooke Shields and Demi Moore to name a few) is

10 Horror-Themed Music Videos

With videos from the 1980’s up to 2015, this is not an exhaustive list. You will notice that Michael Jackson’s all-time classic “Thriller” is not included. I made the assumption that everyone reading this will already be familiar with that pioneering video. If not please

10 Essential Horror Movie Scores

From the screeching violins of Psycho to the prickly synthesizers of It Follows, filmmakers have relied on unsettling music to enhance suspense and fright. The right kind of music communicates emotions of characters and establishes tone and atmosphere of a movie. A scene with a

10 Films Based on True Events – Part One

Watching a horror film on the big screen is enough for most people, but when you find out that those films are based on real life events things start to give off an air of true terror. Below are the first five in our list of

5 Crazy Moments From ‘American Horror Story’ So Far

Since the release of the first series back in 2011, American Horror Story has covered multiple storylines including witches, lunatic asylums and most recently vampires in “Hotel“. Over the last 5 years, we’ve experienced many repulsing and mind-boggling scenes, it’s hard to think that a man such