Carmilla Voiez’s Graphic Novel ‘Starblood’ Out Sep 30

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Carmilla Voiez’s upcoming graphic novel ‘Starblood’ will be releasing September 30, and we have spoken to her regarding not only her upcoming release but her interest in writing and why she loves horror.

Terror Realm [TR]: Tell us a bit about yourself and what got you into writing horror.
Carmilla Voiez [CV]: I’m a Goth and have been since my teens. I’m sure that accounts for at least part of my obsession with the darker side of nature. My Dad had to work long hours when I was a kid and some of my happiest memories of him were watching Hammer Horror films together on Friday evenings.I’m on the autism spectrum which is perhaps why I often see

I’m on the autism spectrum which is perhaps why I often see human behaviour and social interaction as confusing and frightening. I have no doubt this comes through in the characters I write never being certain of each others’ motivations. My imagery harks back to the writings of Clive Barker and H.P. Lovecraft, magic and fantasy mixed with horror, but I have been told my voice is uniquely female. I have a strong interest in feminism, especially as a mum of two daughters, a deep love of horror and a fascination with the Goth aesthetic. No doubt this weird mix had a large part in creating the creature of darkness who calls herself Carmilla Voiez.

I live in the North East Scotland, although I was born in Bristol. I find inspiration in the wildlife, castles and desolate places that surround me in a town frequently obscured by mist. Think Silent Hill and you won’t be far off. I live with my two children, cats, and a poet, by the sea.

TR: What first sparked your interest in writing?
CV: I’ve been writing since I was a kid. As a teenager I got a poem published in Goth Fanzine “Bats and Red Velvet”, but it was only after having my second daughter that I realised I might have the talent to become a published author. I studied Creative Writing at the Open University and started to produce work that excited readers and myself alike.

TR: Tell us about the Starblood trilogy, and what inspired you to write those novels?
CV: The Starblood Trilogy is very much about the Goth Scene in England. I used my own experiences to add colour to the characters and settings. It is also about extreme changes in my own life – getting used to motherhood and the breakdown of a marriage, together with the feeling of being trapped and dealing with depression. However, it is a horror story, with demons and magic and different realities intermingling. It’s an epic journey over three books, it’s a tale of obsessive love and is sexually explicit and graphically violent. I felt inspired to write through my internal conflicts and external fears. I believe it makes the story very emotionally powerful and at the same time universal in its appeal.

TR: Why did you decide to adapt the novels into graphic novels and how did you choose your artist?
CV: Readers frequently told me they thought Starblood was very visual and they could see it as a film. Filmmaking is pretty far outside my field of expertise, although I will probably write a film script for it one day, but I love graphic novels. I found Anna through Deviant Art and loved what she was creating. She read the book and became excited about the project. I loved her character concepts although we saw Star differently. We settled on her image rather than mine, which is why in the book Star has curls and in the graphic novel her hair is straight.

TR: If you were to compare Starblood to another graphic novel which would you choose?
CV: If I had to I’d probably choose Lucifer, because of the mix of mythology with modern culture, and of sex and sexuality with violence.

TR: What genre of graphic novel most accurately describes Starblood?
CV: Erotic horror. Although the story does center around the violence of the characters and what that drives them to do, there is a deep analysis of their sexualities as well and how that affects their lives and their choices, plus it contains nudity. It’s a graphic novel for grown-ups.

TR: What’s next for Carmilla Voiez?
CV: Anna and I are working together again on Psychonaut the graphic novel. I’m also putting together a collection of short horror stories. I’ll be at Bristol Horror Con this October and I am busy promoting the graphic novel.

Satori is desperate to win back his ex-girlfriend, Star. He tries to summon a demon to command its help but manages to bring Lilith, queen of the demons, into his bedroom, unleashing her on Earth. Lilith seduces Star and takes her on a wild murder spree that culminates in Scotland. Can Satori save Star and himself or will Lilith destroy them both? With stunning art by Anna Prashkovich, this graphic novel adaptation of Carmilla Voiez’s novel Starblood is a treat for mature audiences. 18+. Includes some nudity.

The graphic novel is available in paperback and Kindle format from Sep 30th 2016 on Amazon and other booksellers – below you can see a sneak peek of the first page and back cover.