“Banquet of Souls” review by T. D. Trask

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T. D. Trask is among the finest of indie authors in the market today. I first heard of Mr. Trask when I read his previous book, Deadsville, which he co-wrote with fellow fine horror author, Dale Elster. I have had the pleasure of speaking with both of them on their Deadsville book, and when our conversation ended, I was left with the promise that more material was forthcoming from both of them.

I have now finished Mr. Trask’s newest solo offering of macabre anthologies, Banquet of Souls. Twelve independent tales of horror, yet all culminating into quite a meal of chilling narratives. Every author seeks to establish their own unique voice in their works, and Mr. Trask most assuredly has one. His stories are crafted with a moribund precision – the reader is never safe from his underlying sense of impending dread. The story arcs, while numbering topics and settings of varied nature, fluctuate with such ease, and often to dread finality that each tale is an exercise in chilling mood. Again, the reader – much like the characters in Trask’s stories – never quite feel safe.

Trask exemplifies his varied styles of narrative in this collection. Stories range from echoes of folklore to straight-up serial killers, humorous aliens to demonic possession. He has a keen eye for details, while his fingers deftly usher you through his narratives – when he wants you to understand something, you will discover it only when he wishes you to.

As in Deadsville, there is also an injection of humor in this book. While this may seem jarring at first, I find it quite witty. I have mentioned the moribund precision with which Mr. Trask crafts his narratives, and even while reading his more light-hearted story, I still had that underlying feeling of wonder – waiting to see if the story would take a sinister turn. No spoilers, read the book.

I love anthologies – bite-sized chunks of stories, with enough imagination evoked through them to spur my own imaginings, and T. D. Trask has a collection of stories that hearken back to the days of good anthology horror.

I thoroughly enjoyed Banquet of Souls, and if you like creepy horror, check it out on Amazon. If you do get it, be sure to leave a review – indie authors rely on positive feedback to help their name and brand in the indie publishing market.