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The Conjuring 2 (2016) review

James Wan once again avoids the second-installment curse, creating what might be the best horror sequel since Scream 2. A remarkable addition to his resume puts Wan one step closer to cementing himself on the Mount Rushmore of horror directors. The Conjuring 2 is a

5 Essential Tales from the Crypt Episodes

The ultra-campy and delightfully ghoulish horror anthology series Tales from the Crypt, featuring the pun-slinging host Crypt Keeper and an impressive list of guest stars (Christopher Reeve, Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks, Kirk Douglas, Adam West, Brooke Shields and Demi Moore to name a few) is

Hush (2016) review

A thrilling breath of fresh air, suspense-horror Hush­—premiering at South by Southwest and released for streaming on Netflix shortly after—puts a twist on the home-invasion slasher niche. Sensational pacing, memorable performances, and top-notch production highlight this indie sleeper hit that’s charged with exciting action and

Baskin (2016) review

Turkish gore-fest Baskin drudges through familiar horror tropes while conveying a surreal, nightmarish tale of sadistic fate revealed through twisted imagery. The uniquely stylized and exceedingly bewildering story climbs from the gullies of tedium to the apex of shock, adhering to the trend of slowly

10 Cloverfield Lane (2016) review

Seemingly coming out of nowhere, the previously top-secret J.J. Abrams project turned marketing marvel 10 Cloverfield Lane captivates audiences by hitting on all cylinders and proving interpretive simplicity makes for a first-rate movie-going experience. Concise storytelling and superb acting push the mysterious Cloverfield relative well

Intruders (2016) review

Intruders, originally titled Shut In while navigating the festival circuit, possesses an appealing premise, but even the best plans are subject to ruin. Plot turns take the highest priority and a game of cat and mouse framed as a home invasion devolves into a showing

10 Essential Horror Movie Scores

From the screeching violins of Psycho to the prickly synthesizers of It Follows, filmmakers have relied on unsettling music to enhance suspense and fright. The right kind of music communicates emotions of characters and establishes tone and atmosphere of a movie. A scene with a

Southbound (2015) review

Following a string of anthology horrors being released over the past few years comes Southbound, a mixed bag of nostalgia-laden indie horror told through five loosely connected stories of torment and guilt. A fun ride with an imaginative concept and genuinely creepy moments, this film