Audio Inspirations: The Conjuring 2

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Had a good nights sleep? Feeling well rested? Well we here at TR are about to change that.

We have covered the upcoming sequel The Conjuring 2 for many months now, and personally I can’t wait to be able to sit down and terrify myself once more with a good thrilling scare. If like me, you find yourself jonzing for a hit of the horror goodness, here is something that will terrify you to your core. The Conjuring series is based upon true events, which make it all the more spine chilling – but what if you were able to see (or hear) the inspirations behind the new upcoming film?

If that excites you then dont’ we have a big treat for you today. Below we have some recordings from the Warrens’ files which are sure to send multiple shivers down your spine and urge you to check under your bed tonight. For the best experience put some headphones on and listen to the haunting sounds.

Look for the film in theaters this June 10, 2016 (US) & June 17, 2016 (UK).