About Us

Terror Realm is a fan made and fan run website from those whose go to genre is horror. The idea was born in early 2016 and the site started in February of the same year.

Created by Amber Hodson and Sarah Fairclough, Terror Realm brings all aspects of the horror genre together in one place. The idea was to start a friendly website that jumped into both the soft and hardcore elements of the horror genre and generally discuss it. From reviews to news pieces and interviews with horror industry professionals to general articles – the hope is to create a site that everyone can enjoy.

Terror Realm understands that not everyone enjoys gore and some just like the occasional scare – whatever you’re into Terror Realm will be there. Primarily for the UK audience, Terror Realm also cators to horror fans worldwide. Whether it’s a mainstream title about to hit cinemas or a indie film from Spain, we’ll bring you in the information that you (hopefully) want.

As a site run by fans for fans, we encourage those of you who wish to publish articles or reviews to do so via our Submission page. We welcome all writing so long as it’s horror related: gaming, movies, television, web, books & comics and more.

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