4 TWD Characters Who Are Living on Borrowed Time

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If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead TV show but are also savvy on the comics, by now you will know that quite a few of the characters on the TV show are living on borrowed time in relation to the storylines in the comics.

First up is none other than the bad-ass mother hen herself, Carol. Knife-wielding and camouflage expert Carol may still have a pulse in the TV series, but in the comics, she is long gone. In the comics, we never see Carol become the bloodthirsty ninja that we all know and love, she stayed weak and frail and was even outlived by her daughter Sophia (Yes, that barn zombie Sophia).

Carol meets her demise in the comics after spiraling into a depressive state leaving her at the point of no return. When she felt that she could carry on no more, she let a walker get up close and personal and bite her. Refusing help from her group for the fatal wound, she waited out till death took her. Before she could re-animate, Andrea put her down.

Next up is the TV series’ moral compass, Morgan. Morgan is still swinging around his battle stick in the TV series, batting people away like flies, but it’s a far different story in the comics. In the comics, Morgan also leads a very different life. He’s, in fact, a chef who couldn’t defend himself when roamers took down the walls of Alexandria.

He meets his demise after acting recklessly when the horde of walkers invades Alexandria. After an argument with Michonne, he essentially loses his will to live. He then changes his mind a bit too late and a zombie sinks its teeth into Morgan’s arm. Despite Michonne’s quick choice to amputate, Morgan dies in a fashion similar to Tyreese’s exit from the TV series.

Mr tough guy himself also has his day in the comics. Abraham, who is a fan favourite to receive the Lucille treatment in the new season premiere this Oct 23rd, has outlived his comic counterpart by a few episodes. We all remember the shocking death of Denise earlier in the last TV series.

She was killed by an arrow through the eye, a death that belongs to Abe in the comics. In the very same circumstances, while scavenging the outskirts of Alexandria with Eugene, Dwight shot an arrow through Abraham’s eye thus killing him.

The lackluster lover of Carol, Tobin is also long past his due in the TV show. Today, Tobin is safe and sound in Alexandria whilst the main characters are all being lined up like lambs to the slaughter in front of Negan and Lucille.

However, Tobin is very much dead and gone in the comics. During the horde takeover of Alexandria, Tobin was one of the very first to die after trying to fend off the mass amount of walkers approaching. He is found later on by Rick and the gang, torn to shreds.

So they were the four characters that have lived longer in the TV show than their counterparts in the comics. Do you think they will get their comeuppance soon? Comment below with your thoughts on this lucky bunch and anyone else who you think should be long gone by now, or even still be alive.