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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Secret Cinema Presents 28 Days Later

If you’re in London and love horror, Secret Cinema has an event not to be missed. Prepare yourself for a brand-new horror experience. Secret Cinema Presents is bringing Danny Boyle’s 2002 British cult classic, 28 Days Later, to life. When Jim (Cillian Murphy), wakes from

The Maiden

The Maiden tells the story of a real estate agent that is pushed to the edge as she struggles to close a deal on a mysterious estate. The house is not as deserted as it seems, and a very powerful and evil presence is at work.

(Trailer) Virus: Extreme Contamination

This grotesque film is said to be freely inspired by The Colour Out of Space, a short story written by American horror author H. P. Lovecraft in March 1927. The film stars Halil Budakova, Michael Segal, Rimi Beqiri, Merita Budakova, Vilson Spaqi, Adrian Vila, Hasan Lushi, Adem Kicaj,

Left 4 Dead 3 : Rumour or Real?

It has been quite a few years since the popular zombie survival video game franchise Left 4 Dead released its sequel which received very positive reviews, and it quickly became a game to remember. Since then we assumed there would be a third installment of the zombie

Descending – The Final Chapter of The New Blood Series

Descending is the final chapter in the New Blood series from Shattered Images Films and R.K.R. Films. Descending is headlining an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds. Synopsis: One year after all the vampires were killed off, there is only one powerful vampire left, Cassandra (Katelynn Newberry), and she’s

Scythe: A Kickstarter Slasher

Eliminating all the “horror film stereotypes,” and the exceedingly annoying, eye-rolling horror film cliques the slasher genre is known for, Scythe promises that no such thing will appear within its story line. Instead, they are focusing on the character’s human qualities and taking the time to

10 Horror-Themed Music Videos

With videos from the 1980’s up to 2015, this is not an exhaustive list. You will notice that Michael Jackson’s all-time classic “Thriller” is not included. I made the assumption that everyone reading this will already be familiar with that pioneering video. If not please

MTV’s Scream Season 2

Fast approaching like a hooded man in the dark, MTV’s Scream will be continuing with its second season at the end of May. After the reveal of Killer #1 during the finale of Scream season 1, we were left with questions regarding the involvement of Audrey and