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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Developers Showcase Outlast 2 Gameplay and It’s Creepy

Boston played host to this weekend’s PAX East 2016 and amongst the reveals was footage for Outlast 2. Outlast was well known for its night vision camera mechanic and terrifying gameplay – the developers want nothing less with the sequel. There’s a new setting, leaving the

(Trailer) The Neon Demon

The Neon Demon is a new breed of horror that will be hitting our screens this year. Based on the modelling industry, this seemingly innocent film takes a turn when things start to become darker and more disturbing. The Neon Demon is an upcoming American-Danish horror

Hush (2016) review

A thrilling breath of fresh air, suspense-horror Hush­—premiering at South by Southwest and released for streaming on Netflix shortly after—puts a twist on the home-invasion slasher niche. Sensational pacing, memorable performances, and top-notch production highlight this indie sleeper hit that’s charged with exciting action and

Dead by Daylight

After an already horror filled beginning to 2016 – here at TR we have learned that we can expect yet another slasher style survival game (with a twist) titled Dead by Daylight. The game pits players against an unknown entity attacking them, with mystery shrouding the entire plot

Read Devan Sagliani’s Zombie Attack for Free

For a limited time, author Devan Sagliani is gifting Kindle copies of his bestselling novel for free. Zombie Attack! Rise of the Horde is a certified bestseller that won March 2016 Zombie Book of the Month, Best Horror/Zombie ebook on Goodreads and was named one of